Paessler – important news!

Paessler – important news!
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As of July 1, 2024, Paessler has decided to move PRTG Network Monitor to a subscription-based licensing model and is offering 3-year subscriptions for all PRTG Network Monitor licenses.

This is to accelerate Paessler’s ability to continuously improve the product, maximize the value it creates for customers worldwide, and provide better support to further enhance the customer experience.

Please note that perpetual licenses with maintenance renewals will no longer be available for purchase. Instead, users who decide to switch to the subscription model will receive a discount of 20% or more (depending on the license)!


Question: What happens to the (perpetual) license of the PRTG Network Monitor client with active maintenance?
Answer: This license will continue to be valid under the same terms and conditions as before until the maintenance period expires.

Question: What happens to a (perpetual) PRTG Network Monitor client license with expired maintenance? Will it continue to work?
Answer: Perpetual licenses will continue to work, but without maintenance. Please note the following disadvantages of unsubscribing:

  • No security updates to protect your PRTG installation
  • No access to the latest features and security enhancements for PRTG
  • No access to our premium support from technical engineers.

Paessler is also pleased to announce the following new features coming this year:
Improved multi-platform probe: As it is an integral part of PRTG, Paessler is committed to significant improvements regarding the multi-platform probe. Their development team is actively working on expanding the capabilities of the probe. Don’t miss the enhanced monitoring capabilities in a variety of environments, including hybrid cloud environments, container/docker environments, Linux-based networks, and various distributed networks.
API improvements: To expand their API capabilities, Paessler introduced the new APIv2, which they are currently finalizing. Paessler is currently exploring ways to edit, delete, and configure sensors, groups, and probes effortlessly to help automate configurations and streamline monitoring setups. Subscription holders receive updates to stay one step ahead in automation and efficiency.
Log management with PRTG: In 2024, Paessler will introduce log management capabilities. This exciting feature allows you to integrate PRTG monitoring data with logs for better regulatory compliance, easier troubleshooting, and increased data integrity.