About us

About us

Reliability, loyalty, stability


Advantages of cooperation with SOFTLIST


  • We work with the best. We work with the world’s leading manufacturers of hi-tech products and solutions
  • Wide choice. We offer a wide range of products and solutions in different price categories
  • Profitable cooperation. We provide deferred payments, additional bonuses, favorable financial conditions for our partners
  • Ideas for your business. We will advise on all issues related to the sale of hi-tech products
  • Convenient delivery. We deliver goods at the most convenient time and on favorable terms
  • Direct deliveries from manufacturers. We provide minimum delivery time, official customs clearance


Softlist is a reliable distributor and supplier of software, IT solutions and services, successfully operating in the world markets since 2016.

We offer our business partners high-quality products of well-known brands, attractive and unique sales conditions, promotions and discounts, and time-tested business rules help to avoid “price wars”.

Softlist carries out its commercial activities through business partners, which include both national and regional retail chains, owners of independent stores and projects, wholesale companies, online stores, system integrators, and specialists in narrow technological niches and segments.

The basis of the company’s work with partners is the provision of a series of services based on the offers of the recommended set of quality products, a personal certified specialist, special financial and logistical conditions, as well as special promotion programs, marketing, advertising, information and technical support, training of sales specialists and service support.

Our strategic objective

To help our customers change their business for the better, relying on modern IT-technologies. We strive to anticipate the needs of customers, expanding the range of solutions offered and improving the quality of our services.

We are focused on long-term mutually beneficial relations, so we take an active part in all stages of project implementation, monitor the quality of tasks and focus on the feedback of partners. We also invite to cooperation system integrators and companies that work in the market of design solutions.

Softlist is a provider of IT solutions and services operating in the markets of the world. Reliable relations with Software manufacturers and Partners, flexible policy of providing goods and services, effective methods of organizing the workflow ensure a stable rhythm of our company’s work and minimum delivery time of products.  

We help our customers digitally transform their businesses and protect them from cybersecurity threats.  

Our team is the basis of our business

Our Company is a team of like-minded people who are united by a single corporate spirit and a favorable atmosphere in the team. who work together to achieve a common goal and are constantly learning new things.

Our employees are the company’s most valuable resource. Each of them is a professional in his field, but it is together that they achieve a common goal and constantly learn new things.

The knowledge, experience and dedication of each employee ensure the successful conduct of business and a high degree of customer satisfaction. Thanks to these facts, we are the leaders of our market, and working in a strong and successful team is an important incentive that contributes to effective and efficient work.


We invite you to become Partner

Becoming a Softlist partner presents you with an extraordinary opportunity to deliver real value to your customers. In addition providing the help you need as a Partner, we have a great track record of supporting our customers, so you can sell Software solutions with complete confidence