Secure password management for employees

working from anywhere



  • Password manager
  • Comprehensive security control
  • Flexible integration
  • Easy user management and reporting


With 80% of breaches occurring due to passwords1, in-house password practices remain a company’s weakest security point and can put sensitive data at risk. While employees simply want to work efficiently from anywhere, businesses must ensure that they have the right security controls in place.

For more than 100,000 companies, LastPass helps employees while increasing control and visibility with a password management solution that’s easy to manage and easy to use. LastPass empowers employees to easily create, secure, and share credentials while being protected by LastPass’ zero-disclosure security infrastructure.

In addition to password management, LastPass offers additional security features such as single sign-on (SSO) with simplified access to three cloud apps and multi-factor authentication (MFA) that protects LastPass vault and configured single sign-on apps.

Hassle-free employee experience
A simple and easy-to-use password manager to improve employee password hygiene and company security.

Convenient password sharing
Secure and flexible sharing for collaborative teams – from IT to marketing teams – while maintaining accountability. By using generated passwords and revoking access in real time, LastPass ensures that company data doesn’t leave with departing employees.

Flexible, granular management
With more than 100 customizable security policies to choose from, the admin console is the command center for enforcing employee access across the organization.

Plug-and-play integration
With scalable, automated integration with user directories, LastPass simplifies employee onboarding and onboarding by providing seamless integration with Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Azure AD, OneLogin, Okta, Google Workspace, PingOne, and PingFederate. Additionally, LastPass integrates with security information and event management (SIEM) solutions to provide greater visibility into your business network with advanced reporting and alerting capabilities. LastPass integrates with Splunk, Azure Management (SIEM), and more.

High mobility, fast results
Not only is LastPass easy to set up and maintain, but the self-paced resources and built-in dashboards also help administrators with implementation and employee communication so businesses can achieve better results without additional services.

Useful information with network monitoring
Stop worrying about data leaks. LastPass monitors your employees’ accounts and sends them notifications if information is compromised to help protect their accounts.

Built for security first and foremost
We are uncompromising when it comes to data security. User data is encrypted and decrypted at the device level, so the master password – and the sensitive data stored in LastPass – is kept secret, even from us. You can also increase the security of your LastPass accounts with multi-factor authentication.


These features provide the control your business needs and the convenience your users expect:


Central Administrator Console The Administrator Console offers automatic user management, policies, diagnostic dashboards, and more.
Universal password management Simplify access to all applications, and create and automatically capture, store, and populate credentials for any login.
User Integration Automate onboarding and offboarding, group management, federation, and more with Miscrosoft AD, Azure AD, Okta, OneLogin, Google Workspace, PingOne, PingFederal, or a custom API.
100+ Security Policies Apply best practices and control password behavior across your business.
Detailed security reports Link actions to individuals with automated, detailed reporting to help your business stay compliant. Dive even deeper with SIEM integrations including Splunk and Azure Sentinel.
Dark Web Monitoring LastPass monitors your employees’ accounts and sends them alerts if information is compromised to help protect their accounts.
Comprehensive benefit Employees will be provided with a personal LastPass account, including 5 additional licenses that can be shared with their family or friends, providing password protection with LastPass.
Single sign-on Make critical business tools available to employees with simplified access to unlimited cloud applications.


LastPass – Advanced Single Sign-On LastPass Single Sign-On simplifies employee access to unlimited cloud apps, making it easy for IT to prepare cloud apps – all in the same program they trust to keep their passwords safe. With single sign-on for priority apps and password management to capture and protect everything else, LastPass secures every access point and connects employees to their work in a convenient way.
LastPass – Advanced Multi-Factor Authentication LastPass multi-factor authentication secures every access point to your business. From cloud and legacy applications to VPNs and desktops, LastPass MFA offers passwordless access while maximizing security with customizable security policies and adaptive authentication technology. With the addition of LastPass MFA, your company can secure all web logins by adding endpoint verification – all from a single, easy-to-use mobile app.