Mechanical Engineering and Instrumentation

Mechanical Engineering and Instrumentation

Softlist’s product portfolio includes industry-specific software solutions for the design of mechanical engineering facilities: from concept development to preparation for production





CAD systems of mechanical engineering and instrument-making direction open up additional opportunities for users in automating repetitive workflows and solving everyday design tasks, as well as in implementing design ideas and coordinating teams with any territorial location.

Softlist’s product portfolio contains industry-specific software solutions and applications for architectural and civil design of industrial and civil facilities, including all the necessary tools for the design of buildings, infrastructure, technological facilities, their calculation and construction.

Softlist offers solutions for conceptual design, rapid 3D modeling of existing infrastructure based on CAD data, rapid development, analysis and visualization of several variants of product designs.

Advantages of application:

  • Design based on an intelligent 3D model
  • Effective interaction of all project participants
  • Consistency of changes
  • Centralized data storage and project management
  • Minimization of design errors
  • Reducing the cost of erecting facilities and improving their quality
  • Increasing the competitiveness of all project participants

At the heart of this solution is a multifunctional tool for 2D/3D design and realistic visualization.

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