Tools for remote work

Tools for remote work

The war, the coronavirus pandemic and quarantine in the world have forced many companies to move work remotely.

However, it is very difficult to maintain labor productivity with a sharp transition to the online environment.

Therefore, now everyone is actively in need of high-quality tools to create comfortable working conditions at a “distance”.





Here we have created a selection of the most convenient and popular tools for remote work. And we broke them down into categories:

• Communication, team, conferences.
• Sync and place files.
• Task scheduling.
• Remote access to devices.
• Security.


IMPORTANTLY! Our specialists and consultants are well versed in the intricacies of the IT market and will be able to offer you the optimal solution depending on the tasks.


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Communication, team, conferences.


A popular program for video calling with quickly created rooms and a link for connection, which are encrypted and blocked with a password if necessary. In addition to video communication, a chat is available in the room.

This is an advanced tool that will be useful when creating video conferencing for remote work outside the office and learning at home. Works on computers and smartphones, which is very convenient. It allows, among other things, to share a desktop, add a virtual background, record a video chat and has a useful “raise a hand” function – in other words, people can report that they want to ask a question.

Zoom can solve a huge number of daily problems associated with remote communication. In general, Zoom is an effective way to organize online meetings or give people a sense of socialization if they work from their home. Zoom just works and there’s nothing to add.


Slack is a corporate messenger. Launched in test mode in August 2013, the public release took place on February 12, 2014. On the first day of testing, 8 thousand companies registered. According to the company as of June 2015, Slack is used daily by 1.1 million users. Slack has become the fastest growing business app in history.

Slack is a platform for team communication that can replace email and help you and your team communicate via text messages. Slack is designed for interaction between people working on the Internet. Slack showed one of the fastest growth rates and there are a number of reasons for this. Its main benefits include ease of use, many useful integrations, dev-first approach, bots, code sharing, and more.


Online service for web conferencing. Allows you to hold an unlimited number of meetings for a fixed monthly fee: send invitations, show a presentation and collaborate on documents and applications, record and reproduce the meeting.

Synchronize and place files.

AWS (Amazon)

Softlist offers you an automatic backup service to the AWS Cloud (Amazon) using double data encryption – a unique key personalized for each user!

Before you purchase a subscription to this service, you have the opportunity to test the capabilities of the service for free.

It is important to note that Amazon is one of the leaders of the global IT market and is one of the “five FAANG” (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google) and Microsoft. What does this mean for their customers? High reliability, thoughtfulness of solutions and their customer focus!

Backing up your data to the AWS Cloud ensures that your information is completely safe. You get cloud storage of any required size, access to specially developed software – a console for managing your storage with a simple and intuitive interface

Among the key technological functions of the service:
• Real-time backup (VSS) in deduplication mode
• Block mode for data transfer and recovery.
• Automatically resume copying of a saved file in the event of an Internet failure from the moment it was stopped, including database recovery.
• Encrypt the data source with a custom encryption passphrase.
• Customizable version control for a file or folder, up to 100 versions.
• For software publishers: integration via API.

We are ready to provide an opportunity to test the service for FREE!

AOMEI Technology – a software developer who specializes in backup and restore, hard drive and partition management, and cloud data file transfer.
Softlist offers its partners special prices for the entire range of AOMEI Technology products:

  • Aomei Partition Assistant is a professional and complete solution for managing hard disk partitions. Allows you to create, delete, resize, format hard disk partitions, merge, split and move them (or copy), including to another hard drive or SSD.
  • AOMEI Backupper – provides a complete and reliable PC backup and recovery strategy for all versions of Windows. Features: “system cloning”, backup scheme, dynamic disk backup, heterogeneous hardware recovery, image merging, etc. As a disaster recovery solution, it will help you quickly recover lost data and restore the system.
  • AOMEI OneKey Recovery – a tool to restore system data on a PC. The AOMEI OneKey Recovery app creates a recovery partition from the current user settings, which means that all existing programs and settings will be saved. The tool mainly uses a disk image of the main Windows partition, which will also save the data stored in this partition.

Scheduling tasks.

Trello, Jira – project management tools from Atlassian. They are used by companies like Airbnb, Spotify, and Cisco.

Trello and Jira are some of the most popular apps with Kanban boards. These are convenient cards with cases, which are sorted into thematic columns. Each task is assigned a name, documents, files are attached, participants and deadlines are added, details of the case are signed, and so on.

Apps help small or large companies, corporations and the media.

Detailed visual adjustment is organized here: you can set the background, attach a picture to the card, upload a video or paint it in another color. Trello is available as a web version with extensions for Chrome and Firefox, a separate program for Windows and macOS, or as an application on Android and iOS.

Remote access to devices.


PRTG Network Monitor – monitor your IT infrastructure. PRTG monitors the entire IT infrastructure around the clock and alerts you to problems before users notice them. With PRTG, you can control all aspects of your IT infrastructure, including LANs, WANs, servers, websites, applications, and more.


AnyDesk is a software package for remote control of computers, file sharing between control and managed machines, video communication and web conferencing.


Supremo remote computer control. 

If you are looking for a truly powerful and at the same time multifunctional tool that provides remote access to a PC and support over the Internet network, the Supremo application is what the “doctor prescribed”.

The software allows you to connect to one computer at once a number of users, for example, to view photos or presentations together. At the same time, due to the use of a fast and multilateral protocol for data transfer, the procedure for connecting to a remote PC protected by a firewall or working in tandem with a router occurs without unnecessary problems.



Importantly! Moving employees to remote work often attracts the attention of Internet attackers and can lead to a change in the threat landscape, which will directly affect the cybersecurity of organizations. Experts identified two main risks when transferring employees to work outside the office. First, a much larger number of potentially infected devices will connect to the company’s infrastructure as a result of using home PCs and personal gadgets. Second, the number of remote connections to the office will increase, often through insecure WiFi networks. In addition, the volume of corporate traffic that needs to be encrypted will also grow, because employees in any case will use remote access tools to the corporate infrastructure.