CAD — computer aided design system

CAD — computer aided design system

CAD is a computer aided design system.

The concept of “computer-aided design” means a design process in which parts of operations are performed automatically, without human intervention, some are automated, with a small share of human participation, and the remaining operations are performed only by a person.

What is CAD for?

Computer-aided design is designed to save a person from routine work with reference books and simplify most engineering calculations, providing the designer with only the input of a minimum of information and the choice of basic technical solutions. At the same time, the user should be able to intervene in the automatic calculation process, as there may be situations that cannot be foreseen in advance. In addition to the user’s convenience, it is important that the process improves the efficiency of the designer. On the one hand, the design process should be accelerated to reduce the time of project implementation, on the other hand, the projects carried out should be of high quality. Thus, the main purpose of the application of computer-aided design technology of the electrical network is to reduce the time of the project and, as a result, to create conditions for a more detailed and high-quality search for engineering solutions.

ZWCAD – the best analogue of Autocad

ZWSOFT has developed software that promises to be the most popular computer-aided design system on the market. The product has the following advantages:

The usual interface and a convenient menu with a competent translation into Russian will make the work in ZVKAD convenient.

  • The basic equipment has a standard set of tools necessary for the productive activities of the engineer. For narrow specialties, the company presents a number of additional modules with advanced functionality.
  • Full compatibility with other software, including AutoCAD. Popular formats for saving drawings and, as a rule, the absence of problems with the results of development in other software.
  • Support for both two-dimensional and three-dimensional models.
  • Low price and the ability to purchase a package of licenses for local use.
  • Possibility to test the demo version of CAD.
  • Consultation of specialists when purchasing the program.

ZWCAD is suitable for work of different levels of complexity by both specialists and beginners, students.


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