Remote Access

Remote Access

– How to get quality help from a professional via the Internet?
– How to control another computer via the Internet?
– How to work on your computer remotely via the Internet?
– How to hold a remote presentation, conference?

To solve these problems, it is best to use a remote access program, with which you can control someone else’s computer as your own via the Internet, while giving explanations by voice or chat. There are quite a lot of remote access programs, but Softlist offers a deservedly popular program AnyDesk.

The main purpose of anyDesk is to control a remote computer. The principle of operation of the software is simple after installing AnyDesk on both computers between which you need to establish a connection, the program assigns this computer a permanent ID (identification code) and a temporary password, which are visible in the main window of the program immediately after its launch.

If you give your ID and temporary password to your partner, they can connect to and manage your computer, and you’ll see everything your partner does on your computer, right down to the mouse cursor movements.

A one-time password that is valid for only one connection session protects your computer well from unauthorized connections. But if you need, for example, to periodically control your office computer from home (or even “on the go” from your smartphone), then for this you can set another permanent password that only you will know.

AnyDesk is extremely user-friendly… A lot of possibilities and literally every detail is thought out. No wonder more than 200 million users around the world use AnyDesk!


Remote Access

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