AIDA – Remote monitoring and control

AIDA – Remote monitoring and control

Aida64 Business поддерживает эту функцию   Advanced remote control features


AIDA64 Business offers advanced remote control features that allow system administrators to monitor network activity in real time, check the configuration of hardware and programs on networked PCs, and take full control of remote computers without leaving their workplace.


Remote Computer Monitoring

AIDA64 provides real-time information about computers connected to the network, which can therefore be used to monitor and control hardware resources and network usage. It informs system administrators about the status and operation of each client; administrators can even track the number of running applications and, with the proper permissions, the currently active windows that users are looking at.

Apart from monitoring, the program also offers remote tools for intervention. Among other things, it allows an administrator to send messages to a remote computer or search for files, stop running processes, or take screenshots. Such features can be used on all clients at the same time: for example, if you select the “Run program” command in AIDA64 and type “Notepad”, Windows Notepad opens on all computers on the network.


Remote System Information

AIDA64 Business also provides detailed information about the software and hardware on remote computers in real time. During a remote connection session, you can see detailed information about the remote machine and view it in the page menu and in the information window.

Remote control

Administrators can also use this program to take full control of remote computers. This can greatly help with day-to-day administrative tasks such as support, troubleshooting, and maintenance. If an employee, for example, has a problem with an office computer or application, the administrator can provide remote support without leaving his place.

AIDA64 Business allows you to select those computers, usernames or IP addresses that have the authority to establish remote connections. You can also set password protection to access remote features so that only authorized users can use them.

AIDA64 Business always informs computer users when an administrator has established a remote connection to their computer.


This feature is supported in the following versions:

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