AIDA – On-screen monitoring, alert

AIDA – On-screen monitoring, alert

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With AIDA64, you can continuously monitor the status of your computer, as it can show in real time the temperature, voltage and fan speed measured by your computer’s sensors. If the measured values reach a critical level, for example, when the fan is stopped, the program notifies the user about it, or immediately shuts down the computer.

There are several ways that AIDA64 displays the indicators measured by sensors on the Windows desktop: on the on-screen display, the side panel of the gadget, the icon area of the taskbar, or on the convenient customizable graphic panel SensorPanel. This unique feature allows you to display measurements on the LCD display of the Logitech G15/G19 gaming keyboard, as well as on the LCD displays of select Razer laptops and keyboards. Metrics can be saved as an HTML or CSV file, and exported to an external application such as RivaTuner or Samurai.



Of course, AIDA64 can send alerts when the performance of some sensors exceeds the set values, for example, if the processor temperature reaches critical heights or if the speed of the cooling fan becomes too low. The program allows you to select the actions that it should take when initiating an alert. The alert window shows the available functions: shutting down the computer, playing a sound selected by the user, launching a specific program or command, and sending an e-mail notification.



This feature is supported in the following versions:


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