Software to create high-quality textures and 3D effects.

Recognized as the standard in the production of computer games, VFX (visual effects in final processing), design and architecture.



Substance Painter – 3D drawing software with the ability to create a variety of PBR textures and render images.

Substance Painter allows you to realize almost any idea thanks to the unprecedented speed, flexibility and quality of visualization. This application is used by everyone: from developers of indie games to well-known studios that create AAA projects, from Visual Effects studios to Feature Animation. The program supports Linux, 8K export, color management, UDIM management, and Scripting APIs, making it easy to integrate Substance Painter into VFX workflows.



Substance Designer – software that allows you to create realistic materials and textures by editing texture sets or by processing scans. Substance Designer uses a user-friendly system of nodes. Fast algorithms allow you to create materials almost instantly.



Other Allegorithmic products:

Substance B2M (Bitmap2Material) a texture generator from a single image. A powerful tool with which you can create high-quality materials from the necessary raster images directly in a DCC tool or game engine.

Substance Source – a constantly updated library of more than 1500 textures, in which you can find physically correct, customizable high-resolution materials for creating your objects.

Substance Player allows you to view the textures created by you and ready-made, included in the package. The software supports a huge number of graphic formats for importing and exporting images for their subsequent processing.

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