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Allround Automations PL/SQL Developer is an integrated development environment for creating, testing, debugging, and optimizing stored program units in Oracle PL/SQL, such as packages, triggers, and more.


PL/SQL Developer focuses on the principles of convenience in work, improving code quality and programmer productivity, which is a key advantage when developing applications for the Oracle platform.


Powerful PL/SQL code editor. Syntactic color highlighting tools, SQL and PL/SQL language reference, object descriptions, Code Assistant, compilation tips, PL/SQL Beautifier code optimization tool, Code Contents function, Code Hierarchy module structuring function, module browse buttons, hypertext navigation, macro library and many other innovative tools will attract the attention of the most demanding user. All the necessary information automatically appears in front of the user as soon as it is needed.

The built-in debugger has all the features that a programmer could want: Step In (enter the procedure), Step Over (perform with a crawl), Step Out (execute before exiting the nested procedure), Run Until Exception (execute until an exception), breakpoints, viewing and setting variable values, viewing the call stack, etc.

The PL/SQL Beautifier utility allows you to format code in SQL and PL/SQL using a highly configurable set of rules. The kind of code will be automatically corrected each time you compile, save, or open a file. This feature increases the productivity of the code writer and significantly improves the readability of PL/SQL code when working in large project teams.

The SQL Window allows you to enter any SQL expression, and then view and edit the results of their processing in a ready-made grid that supports query by example mode to find the desired records in the result set. Previously executed SQL statements from the history buffer can be quickly found and run again. The editor for the SQL language provides the same rich features as the PL/SQL Editor.

Direct Oracle Access is a set of tools for integrating Borland’s Delphi/C++ Builder with oracle’s database management system. Get the most out of Builder Borland and Oracle. Build high-performance applications with direct access to the Oracle interface.

The main advantages of Direct Oracle Access:

Excellent performance

Software solutions for online transactions and batch processing will be able to access Oracle directly, which guarantees high speed of implementation of standard database processes. Leverage sampling from DML arrays, PL/SQL blocks, and table caching, local statement caching, and direct loading to maximize optimization of critical software processes.

Easy integration

Direct Oracle Access does not require additional solutions (such as BDE or ODBC), only Oracle SQL*Net or Net8. This allows you to deploy your application quickly and easily without spending a lot of time fixing compatibility issues with other software.

Query Reporter is a free, efficient solution for generating reports based on the results of SQL queries against an Oracle database. Easily create a wide variety of types of reports: tabular, full, detailed, etc. Query Reporter also has extensive features to customize the appearance of reports: specify the desired font, alignment, format, title, margins and other details.

Substitution variables

Use SQL lookup variables when you need to enter user data. Customize the format of the variable (string, number, or date), the view (list or check boxes), its default value, and more.

Graphical Query Designer

Create new pickers and edit pre-built ones with the easy-to-use graphical query designer.

Compatibility Features

Query Reporter uses the same report formats as PL/SQL Developer. Run reports created in PL/SQL Developer through Query Reporter without having to have a copy of PL/SQL Developer at hand.


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