A set of .NET APIs to perform optical character and label recognition

A set of .NET APIs to perform optical character and label recognition

Add OCR and tag recognition capabilities to images in your .NET applications






Aspose.OCR for .NET is an API for optical character and label recognition that allows developers to add optical character recognition and label recognition functionality to their ASP.NET-based web applications, just like in web services and Windows applications – all without having to use any additional API or tooling.

Aspose.OCR for .NET is an extensible, easy-to-use, compact API that provides a simple set of classes for controlling optical character recognition and label recognition. The target audience for this API is developers who need to detect text or handwritten labels in image files from their applications.


Provides an overview of Aspose.OCR for .NET features.


Supported fonts Supported languages
  • Arial
  • Times New Roman
  • Courier New
  • Tahoma
  • Calibri
  • Verdana

for .NET

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
Supported font styles Support for tag recognition
  • Regular
  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Radio button
  • Checkbox
  • Grid
OCR Template Editor


Aspose.OCR for .NET supports most common file formats for images.




Input only   
  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • GIF
  • BMP
  • TIFF

for .NET


Aspose.OCR for .NET supports the .NET framework.


Framework .NET

for .NET


ASP.NET Web Applications
Web services
Windows Applications


Optical Character Recognition API Capabilities


Recognize text or characters in an image Support for commonly used image file formats Global language support
Recognition of text or characters made using popular fonts Font style support Scan an entire image or part of an image
Scan an expanded image Noise removal filters support Unloading optically selected elements from a scanned document
Support for multiple label elements Create templates dynamically or through the WYSIWYG editor using the OCR template editor Preview uploaded data using the OCR template editor


Support for Optical Label Recognition (OMR)
Aspose.OCR for .NET also offers OMR functionality, thereby allowing developers to use OMR functionality to extract ink data from scanned forms, surveys, tests, and the like. The OMR-related Aspose.OCR API classes support barcodes, tables, check boxes, a radio button, (requires Aspose.BarCode elements) & optical label recognition.

OMR Template Editor
Aspose.OCR for .NET provides an optical label recognition (OMR) template editor that can be used to visually design OMR patterns, as well as to perform recognition without writing or writing a line of code. The OMR template editor can also be integrated with the Aspose.BarCode API to recognize barcodes on scanned forms. The editor can work without restrictions with both the .NET and Java licenses.

Scan all or part of an image
Aspose.OCR for .NET enables developers to retrieve text and related information, such as font, style, and text placement, from special areas of an image. This makes it possible to perform faster OCR operations for scanned documents if they have a similar structure.

Multi-language support
Aspose.OCR for .NET supports multiple languages, such as English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. More languages will be supported in future versions of Aspose.OCR for .NET.

Support for popular fonts and styles
Aspose.OCR for .NET supports the following fonts: Arial, Times New Roman, Courier New, Verdana, Tahoma, and Calibri in regular, bold, and italic styles.

Support for filters to remove noise
Aspose.OCR for .NET supports the use of filters to remove noise. You can apply filters to remove noise before the recognition process begins to improve the overall recognition accuracy.