.NET API to manipulate Microsoft Project® files

.NET API to manipulate Microsoft Project® files

Project management API, for creating, reading, writing and uploading Microsoft Project® documents in graphics, Primavera, Excel, HTML PDF, XPS, XML formats from .NET applications





Aspose.Tasks for .NET offers sets of project management APIs that make it possible for your .NET applications not only to read and manipulate Microsoft Project® documents, but also to write Microsoft Project® documents in both MPP and XML formats, all without using Microsoft Project®. As with API sets for other file formats, the Aspose.Tasks for .NET API works perfectly with all types of .NET applications, including WinForms and Web Form.

The Aspose.Tasks API exposes project data to enable project planning, plan creation, and tracking capabilities. Exceptions and days of the week for the project calendar can also be set.

The Aspose.Tasks API exposes project data such as tasks, resources, resource allocation, and extended data attributes so that developers can manipulate them. Users can fully plan a project by creating and reading tasks and resources and assigning or removing resources in or out of the project. Users can manipulate task limits, priorities, fixed-workload tasks, stop or resume a task and split tasks, manage extended attributes, related tasks, and write updated task data back to the project.


Provides an overview of Aspose.Tasks’ project capabilities in terms of reading and writing, rendering, and generating reports.


Print Reporting
  • Project
  • Grant diagram
  • Using the Task
  • Resource Usage
  • Resource Table

for .NET

  • Resource Cost Overview
  • Resource Overview
  • Cost Overview
  • Overview of works
  • Task Cost Overview
  • Phasing
  • Recent tasks
  • Critical tasks
  • Challenges ahead
  • Delayed appointments
  • Excess cost
  • Redeployed resources
  • Best Practices Analyzer
  • Chart of the progress of the remaining efforts by time
  • Cash flow
  • Create and update project data
  • Manage project settings
  • Primavera format support


Aspose.Tasks for .NET supports working with project files. It also supports uploading project data to various formats.


⇑⇓  Input/Output Output only 
  • Microsoft Project: MPP, XML

for .NET


  • Primavera: P6 XML, PM XER
  • Microsoft Excel: XLSX, XML
  • Fixed layout output: PDF, XPS
  • Images: JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, SVG
  • Text: TXT, CSV
  • Others: XAML, HTML


Aspose.Tasks for .NET supports the .NET framework, as does Mono.


Mono & COM Interop Framework .NET
PHP, VBScript, Delphi, C++ 

Mono 1.2 & newer

for .NET



ASP.NET Web Applications
Web services
Windows Applications


Advanced Project Management API Capabilities



Create project files from scratch Define working days in the calendar Define calendar exceptions
Read passwords in MPP files Manage baseline costs, costs, and milestones Process resource attributes
Define assigned resources and their allocation Render work distribution schemes into images Render project data in HTML
Sort tasks by name Update resource data and save from modified to MPP Update customizations in MPP project files


Assign tasks in a project, track, and define a budget
Aspose.Tasks for .NET can calculate the schedule and critical path for a project. It also provides developers with managing the underlying and actual costs of tasks and accessing planned costs, budgets, and manipulating resources by cost and project tracking options.

Work with tasks in a project
Aspose.Tasks for .NET provides you with a rich set of classes for managing tasks from a Microsoft Project file. Project tasks can be difficult to rank from a simple one-dimensional task to a large nested group of independent tasks. Regardless of complexity, Aspose.Tasks for .NET is able to handle any scenario.

Create or update resources in a project
Aspose.Tasks for .NET provides opportunities to work with resources that are included in project plans. Almost all resource attributes are supported.

Manage assigned resources
In its simplest form, a project plan is a set of tasks assigned to a resource group. Aspose.Tasks for .NET provides APIs to ensure that resources are reallocated and assigned to a project plan.

Define calendars and calendar exclusions
Aspose.Tasks for .NET provides its own interaction with the project calendar and calendar exceptions. It can easily process any number of calendars from the project plan.

Support for COM interoperability
Aspose.Tasks for .NET reveals its capabilities through the COM interface. This means that you are not required to limit yourself to using Aspose.Tasks for .NET only on the .NET platform, it can be used in any language you would like through calls through COM services.

Microsoft Office Automation Is No Longer Needed
Aspose.Tasks for .NET is built on the basis of managed code, which does not require the presence of Microsoft Office or Microsoft Project software installed in order to work with MS Project files. It is a great alternative to Microsoft Office in terms of supported features, security, stability, scalability, speed and cost.