Bitbucket – specially for professional teams

Bitbucket – specially for professional teams

Bitbucket isn’t just a code management tool in Git


Bitbucket provides teams with a single hub for project planning, code collaboration, testing, and deployment.



Unlimited volume of closed pages Organize your projects by creating Bitbucket branches directly from Jira issues or Trello cards Built-in continuous health check – take advantage of fast feedback


Git according to yours

Find out why Bitbucket is considered the right Git solution for professional teams


pull requests

Pull requests make it easier to validate code, which improves code quality and enables you to share knowledge within your team.

Access rights to branches

Access rights to the branches provide precise access control within the command: only those who should, and only where necessary, will edit the code.

Special code search

With semantic search that displays definitions at the top of the list, it will take less time to analyze search results.