Confluence – Collaborate on Documents

Confluence – Collaborate on Documents

Confluence is open
shared workspace


Create new things, work together and store all your work information in one place

Unlike document and file sharing tools, Confluence is an open and accessible environment that helps your team and your entire company work together effectively.





Project Planning Agendas of meetings
Product Requirements Marketing plan

Create space

to interact and exchange ideas,

to keep the work moving

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Your Workspace – Your Rules

Больше, чем текст

Создавайте что угодно: от протоколов собрания и требований к продукту до маркетинговых планов и кадровой политики. Начните с пустой страницы или настраиваемого шаблона и добавьте индивидуальности за счет изображений, видео и gif-файлов, чтобы вдохнуть жизнь в свою работу.

Get your work in order

Do you have to spend time searching for the latest version of a document? Organize your work by grouping related pages in a specially created section that only you or you and other users have access to. With a powerful search tool and structured page trees, content is always easy to find and is always at hand.


Extend your pages with integrations and applications

Use Atlassian’s integrated suite of solutions to keep your work open wherever your team is

Feedback in context

Speed up the verification process and let the work move. Co-edit pages, leave comments directly in texts or on the page, @mention colleagues and easily observe the decisions your team makes.


Create rich pages Work together more efficiently Get it in order

Use one of our handy templates and enrich it with your own images, gifs and emojis

Improve your work experience by co-editing pages, leaving comments directly in text or on the page, and mentioning colleagues

Group related pages in a special section that can only be shared with you, your team, or all employees

Give your team a shared workspace where you can create projects, organize them, and work together effectively