Sourcetree – Git & Mercurial PC client

Sourcetree – Git & Mercurial PC client

Free Git client for Windows and Mac



Sourcetree makes it easier to work with Git repositories, which means you can focus on coding. A simple graphical interface for Git is used to visualize and manage repositories


Understandable to beginners

Say goodbye to the command line! Simplify distributed version control with the Git client and get everyone up to speed quickly.

A powerful tool for professionals

Ideal for enhancing the productivity of power users. View changesets and Stashes, choose the best branches, and perform a number of other operations.

Visualize your code

It’s better to see once. Find information about any branch or commit with a single click.

Git and Mercurial desktop repositories

A full-featured graphical interface provides a consistent and efficient development process without additional configuration. Compatible with Git and Mercurial repositories.

Commits with confidence


Visualize your work and submit your code with confidence.

Accept and reject changes by file, section, or line of code.


Full-featured client


New Git status Visualize the progress of your work Git for Windows and Mac Use Git correctly
You won’t miss anything. Track your work in real time, because the code is now in the palm of your hand. Detailed branch charts make it easy to track your team’s progress. Take advantage of Git and Mercurial repositories on two of the most popular operating systems. Learn Git with comprehensive tutorials covering branching, merging, and more.


Git at your fingertips

It’s not just a GUI for Git. Sourcetree offers all the features of Git in an easy-to-use interface


Support for large files in Git

Git-flow included Submodules

Sourcetree supports Git LFS, allowing you to track large resources from a single location.

Intelligently branch using Sourcetree and Git-flow, keeping repositories tidy, and developing efficiently.

Submodules make it easier to manage projects, dependencies, and other project structures.

Local commit search

Interactive rebase tool

Manage remote repositories

Search for commits, file changes, and branches directly in Sourcetree.

Get clean and understandable commits using sourcetree’s interactive rebase tool.

Sourcetree’s intuitive user interface allows you to find and clone remote repositories.