Statuspage – Incident Reports

Statuspage – Incident Reports

Use incidents as an excuse to build trust



Easily keep users informed of the state of affairs in real time. That’s what DigitalOcean, Dropbox, and Intercom do



Statuspage is an incident management collaboration tool

Keep users informed throughout the incident, from finding out the causes to completely eliminating.

Statuspage integrates with convenient tools for monitoring, notification, chatting and support, which increases the efficiency of responding to each incident.

Leave duplicate requests and cumbersome mailing lists in the pastОставьте в прошлом дублирую

Stop the flow of the same type of incident support requests by proactively informing customers. Manage subscribers directly in Statuspage and send generic messages across selected channels (email, SMS, in-app messages, and more).

Improve incident reporting

Simplify incident reporting. Ready-made templates and tight integration with existing incident management tools allow you to quickly convey information to users.

Display the status of each service component

Choose which service components will appear on the status page. Use more than 150 third-party components to display the status of critical tools your service depends on, including Stripe, Mailgun, Shopify, and PagerDuty.

Demonstrate reliability

Turn your status page into a sales and marketing tool. The Uptime Showcase tool allows you to show existing and potential customers uptime data over a period of time.