Trello – the power of visual perspective for your team

Trello – the power of visual perspective for your team

Визуальный инструмент для командной работы на любом проекте. Подходит и стартапам, и гигантам из списка Fortune 500




All information in the palm of your hand

  • Evaluate the big picture or focus on the details – all on one Trello board.
  • The status of the task is visible to everyone – just move the card with the task through the lists until it goes to the “Completed” group.
  • Organize important information from all your apps in one place with Power-Ups.
Collaborate effectively

  • Infinitely flexible customization means that Trello works exactly in your style.
  • Drop email and chat where work is in full swing.
    You won’t miss the deadline thanks to easily
  • customizable due dates and calendar modes.
Always in sync

  • Trello is a tool that allows you to keep in touch with all your teams.
  • All updates in real time means everyone sees the latest information.
  • Available in the browser and on mobile devices (even offline!)


Turn Trello boards into real apps with Power-Ups from your favorite tools


Jira + Trello

Bitbucket + Trello

Отслеживайте состояние задачи в масштабе компании Посмотрите на ваш код с другой стороны
Создавайте с нуля или связывайте существующие задачи Jira с карточками Trello. Смотрите статус, приоритет, исполнителя и другие атрибуты привязанной задачи Jira. Поддерживайте структуру проектов, присоединяя ветки, коммиты и пул-реквесты Bitbucket к карточкам Trello. Проверяйте важную информацию, например статус обновления и анализ кода, прямо в Trello.

Confluence + Trello

Stride + Trello

Work together Communicate seamlessly
Create new Confluence pages directly from Trello cards. See who created the page and when. Make the interaction and organization of work independent of e-mail. Get notifications in Trello by connecting boards to Stride rooms.