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To date, the products of this company are uncompromisingly high-quality and productive software that is easy to adapt to the individual needs of any user.

One of the most important goals of the company is to receive constant feedback and establish a dialogue with the user. This approach allows you to achieve the highest quality software, which is what Atril strives for.

But no one likes to make empty promises: use full-featured solutions from Atril absolutely free for 30 days to truly appreciate their quality. Moreover, the company tries to maintain all its products, regardless of the year of their release, in current and working condition, promptly fix bugs and release updates.


Deja Vu X3 Professional

Deja Vu X3 Professional helps you create fully functioning projects that can simultaneously load an unlimited number of multi-format and multilingual files. They are combined into a single environment that automatically saves work and is supported by the SmartView interface, which can be easily fully customized.

Numerous changes have been made to the interface of Déjà Vu version X3, simplifying the settings and the process of operation. Now there is a start window that allows you to create a project in one click. Now the interface of the Translation Memory and Term Base schema is based. All the tools you need regularly can be put in the feed, allowing you to instantly start working with any of them. If you need more space, the tape is easily rolled up. New icons displaying available tools and features are now more obvious and intuitive.



Dejа Vu X3: new features

Among what the program can now do:

instant correction of spelling errors using Hunspell dictionaries;
a visual panel for changing the appearance of text – now you can change the font directly in the program, giving it a bold or oblique style, edit it by adding paragraphs and spaces.
working with terms will be much easier due to the settings of autosearch and analysis of differences in data.
added Live Preview, which allows you to preview files of text format, while you can work with several files at once and without the presence of MS Office on the computer;
the Source CONTEXT function allows for a similar multi-format preview;
Spelling and grammar checking is carried out continuously, this function is offered in the general package mode;
All filters have been updated, and thanks to this, files will be imported into the application much faster and will require fewer executable scripts, no more auxiliary applications will be needed to process the source files before loading into the project;
the program provides full information about the availability of updates immediately at startup and is able to update automatically;
the filter responsible for matching data with databases has been updated and now takes into account the subject, features of the client’s work and the regional standard.


Dejа Vu X3 Workgroup

The Program Deja Vu Workgroup version X3 retains all the functions of the previous version of Deja Vu Professional, but there are already such fundamentally new functions as DeepMiner and AutoWrite. They are supported by the modern SmartView interface, as well as all functions related to the intelligent. Among them are preliminary translation, autosearch system and auto-replenishment of databases, automatic substitution of the approved fragment of the translation into all similar fragments of the text, lexicon and the ability to collect a full translation from the elements stored in the databases. It also supports work with the GoogleTranslate translator, as well as machine commands SQL Select and Execute.

DejaVu X3 Workgroup supports a set of tools and functions that help you work efficiently with projects, translate and insert translation elements into an existing document, as well as combine different files.

The graphical interface of the X3 has also changed. Now it has become much simpler and uses more visual elements. Now you can create a project with a single click in the start window with extremely clear schemes. All this is provided by a new interface basis: a combination of Translation Memory and Term Base. All the necessary functions and tools are easily carried out in the tool belt, so you can use them at any moment. If necessary, the ribbon can be collapsed. Added and even simpler and clearer than before, icons.


Deja Vu X3 is now capable of:

  • using Hunspell dictionaries, correct spelling in real time;
  • format text according to a much simpler scheme – now it will not be difficult to make it underlined, bold, italic, add spaces, correct typos and align paragraphs;
  • now, due to the improved autosearch, it will be much easier to work with terms and search for differences;
  • Live Preview and Source CONTEXT functions help to preview and present files of any format, including several at the same time. The presence of programs to reproduce them is not necessary.
  • spelling and grammar checking is carried out continuously, thanks to which the text is maintained at a high level;
  • Updated filters have been added that speed up the import of files and work with them by reducing executable codes, in additon, you can now import files without pre-processing files by programs such as Quicksilver and YAML;
  • The application is automatically updated, providing the user with information about the new version each time it is launched.
  • 660the search for matches in databases is now carried out taking into account regional differences, topics.

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