Bohemian Coding SKETCH

Bohemian Coding SKETCH

Sketch Vector Graphics Editor is one of the main graphic design tools for Apple software users in terms of a set of features



Bohemian Coding is a developer of popular products for Sketch design. Everyone who works on the Mac is satisfied with it, deals mainly with interfaces and has an idea of how programmers work with source files of the “.sketch” format, etc.

Today, it is simply unrealistic to develop modern programs without using the services of a designer. At the same time, this specialist needs high-quality software.

To create a high-quality design, designers often use Adobe Illustrator and other professional graphic editors. And how happy users were to meet this specialized solution from Bohemian Coding.

After all, the company’s product in the form of Sketch is one of the best vector editors for Mac OS X! The light has already seen the sixth version of the vector editor Sketch 6, which, first of all, is designed to help creators of graphics for programs.

The new version of the application is distinguished by a special specialization. That is, it was “stuffed” with everything necessary for creating graphics during the development of programs.

The file format in the program is compatible with their other development – SketchPad, which works on the iPad.

To speed up the image creation process, the most commonly used shapes can be saved and used again. You can also connect modules with forms created by other users.

Since Sketch works only with vectors that can be resized, there is no limit to the size of the canvas in the program. When you create multiple projects, you can combine them all in a single file as pages that you can switch to.

Sketch is mainly used to design the user interface and UX of mobile applications and websites. Files developed in Sketch are saved in its own .sketch format.

Designs can also be saved in popular formats PNG, JPG, TIFF, WebP, etc. Projects created in Sketch are used by application engineers to develop mobile applications, and website developers convert projects into websites.


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