CADprofi Mechanical

CADprofi Mechanical

CADprofi Mechanics

Parametric CAD application that facilitates the creation of engineering and engineering 2D projects. The application contains a wide range of standard parts based on national and international standards. A user-friendly schematic and project editor makes it much easier to create drawings of hydraulic and pneumatic systems.



Key features


  • Standard parts: bolts, screws, washers, nuts, joints, rivets, studs, holes, socket joints, wedges, rods, pins, bearings and more.
  • The program is developed in accordance with the requests of designers.
  • Steel profiles: angles, flat products, rectangular pipes, fittings, pipes and others.
  • Metric and English measurement systems are available.
  • Elements used to design devices, including flanges and concave ends, steel pipes and fittings (taps, tees, transitions). The ability to draw pipelines with automatic insertion of taps and automatic connection of pipes using various fittings.
  • Tools to fully describe and drill down into projects.
  • Calculation and automatic creation of heat exchangers.
  • Automatic numbering of objects.
  • Dynamically scale parts when you insert them into a drawing or edit projects. This allows you to automatically select the size of the element directly in the drawing (for example, selecting screws with a length that coincides with the thickness of the elements to be connected).
  • A system for quickly searching products in the database.
  • Universal editing commands that reverse elements, lengthen steel profiles, etc.
  • Access to CAD libraries of the most famous manufacturers.
  • All parts have different views adapted to create different designs (e.g. front, side, cross-sectional, etc.). In addition, you can define the style and level of detail, which allows you to insert elements with fine detail, and display axes, hatches, and so on.
  • Ability to import and add custom symbols and objects to the program.
  • A system of customizable marking of welded joints, tolerance signs, roughness, etc.
  • Automatically manage layers and print styles with the ability to preset line thicknesses, color, and more.
  • Convenient design of circuits and pneumatic systems using smart symbols, lines and editing functions.
  • Possibility to define lists of favorite items.
  • Additional drawing tools that greatly facilitate the creation of technical drawings (axis, circular axis, central marks, bissectrixes and others).
  • Possibility to independently translate the program interface or change its terminology.
  • Intelligently insert objects with the ability to attach them to other objects with a single click.
  • Intelligent commands that allow you to quickly perform operations to edit symbols and objects directly in the drawing.
  • The ability to build any flowcharts, diagrams, technological and functional schemes, algorithms.
  • Possibility to create bills of materials and specifications that can be printed or exported in various formats, including pdf, rtf (doc), xls, xml, csv, html and others.
  • Automatic creation of graphic legends.
  • On-line help with a large number of illustrations and videos teaching the work in the program.
  • On-line update system.





  • Access to the libraries of most well-known manufacturers of electrical and engineering equipment
  • Set of CAD symbols for different industries
  • Comprehensive design software


  • Ability to purchase a separate library, a set of libraries for a specific industry and all available libraries (Suite)
  • Access to the libraries of most well-known manufacturers
  • Compatible with the latest CAD systems
  • Extended library of standard symbols and parametric objects
  • Ability to create specifications
  • Advanced diagram and diagram editor

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  • Ability to self-expand databases
  • Tools for detailed description and detail of the project
  • Compatible with the latest CAD systems
  • Bom Creation Wizard
  • Additional editing commands

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