CP-Symbols HVAC&Piping

CP-Symbols HVAC&Piping






HVAC – The main symbols include the symbols most commonly used in heating, water, sewerage, fire safety and other networks.

HVAC – The main characters contain the following categories of symbols:

  • fittings (valves, pumps, transitions, filters, steam traps, taps),
    refrigeration and air conditioning,
  • Connection
  • elements of pipelines (valves, passages, plugs),
  • Knee
  • sensors and regulators (thermometers, external temperature sensors, pressure gauges),
  • equipment (couplings, heat exchangers, diaphragm drives),
  • fire safety (hydrants, sprinklers, drainers),
  • devices (drinking water heaters, expansion tanks, boilers),
  • household items,
  • risers (ventilation and sewerage),
  • Distributors
  • elevations (level, slope, flow direction and circulation),
  • sewerage (gates, plugs),
  • other (arrows, inspection hatches, elbows).



HVAC – Industrial systems include the symbols most commonly used in industrial network diagrams.

HVAC – Industrial systems contains the following categories of symbols:

  • industrial systems (fittings and equipment, devices, measuring instruments),
  • P&ID designations according to ISO 3511 and DIN 19 227 (standard with fixed length, extended with additional in
  • criptions, extended with optional labels, pressure regulators),
  • process control – according to ISO 3511 and DIN 19 227 (sensors, transducers, controllers, actuators, regulators, DAC, ADC),
  • pipelines – DIN 2429 (pipes, joints and fittings, various fittings, actuators, etc.),
  • vacuum technology – DIN 28401 (vacuum pumps, condensate traps, cryonics, vacuum gauges),
  • ANSI/ISA-5.1 standards (P&ID designations, measurement designations: basic elements, accessories, signal processing devices, equipment communication devices, , inter-instrument connections, terminal device designations, terminal device actuators, half-pass termination devices, valve and leakage failure indicators, functional diagram symbols, binary logic elements, electrical circuit symbols, ANSI/ISA 1992 symbols),
  • ANSI standards (heat exchangers, pipes, tanks and tanks, pumps and boilers, flow control devices, fittings, equipment),
  • NORSOK standards (axial fans, diffuse grilles, recuperators, tanks).



HVAC – Heaters, objects include the symbols of radiators and plumbing equipment.

HVAC – Heaters, objects contains the following categories of symbols:

  • plumbing installations (front and top view),
  • Cranes
  • fire-fighting equipment (top and front view – hydrants, sprinklers, etc.),
  • household appliances (front and top view),
  • radiators (views for plans and diagrams),
  • equipment (front, top, side views – boilers, water heaters, expansion tanks).





HVAC – Ventilation includes symbols for ventilation and air conditioning projects.

HVAC – Ventilation contains the following categories of symbols:

  • EN 12792 (designations for circuits – fans, dampers, air heaters, air coolers, sockets, protective grilles, heat exchangers),
  • DIN 1946-1 (symbols, automation),
  • Polish designations (filters, heaters, dampers, anemostates),
  • automatic elevations (dimensions, cross-sections of ventilation channels),
  • marks (flow direction, locking).



Flowcharts and diagrams include basic notations used in flowcharts in many industries.

Flowcharts and diagrams contain the following categories of legends:

  • algorithms (basic symbols, loops and data processing, I/O devices, storage and memory, relationship determinants, counters),
  • functional diagrams (symbols, for example, action, initial step, order, connections, branches, pulsation timer),
  • network (computer networks – scanners, sockets, terminals; network locations, servers, servers in racks, as well as faxes, mobile phones, etc.),
  • BPMN – Business Process Modeling Notation, a system for building business processes (events, entities, tasks, task markers, task types, data),
  • people
  • much more (arrows, intersections),
  • relationships between elements (one to many, zero to one),
  • examples (network diagram, quadratic equation solution algorithm, functional diagram, circuit block diagram, process network block diagram, BPMN diagram).




The CP-Symbols module also contains the following general-purpose commands:

  • Lines (pipes, channels, cables) – to create schematic representations of various networks.
  • Frames and Tables – A library of standard frames, stamps, formats, and tables.
  • Attributes and descriptions are used to assign values to various conventions.
  • Bill of Materials – to create a specification of the elements used in the drawing.





  • Access to the libraries of most well-known manufacturers of electrical and engineering equipment
  • Set of CAD symbols for different industries
  • Comprehensive design software


  • Ability to purchase a separate library, a set of libraries for a specific industry and all available libraries (Suite)
  • Access to the libraries of most well-known manufacturers
  • Compatible with the latest CAD systems
  • Extended library of standard symbols and parametric objects
  • Ability to create specifications
  • Advanced diagram and diagram editor

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  • Ability to self-expand databases
  • Tools for detailed description and detail of the project
  • Compatible with the latest CAD systems
  • Bom Creation Wizard
  • Additional editing commands

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