A set of tools for database administrators and backups, work with ALM-systems, implementation of cloud technologies, as well as for providers and server centers


dotConnect is an add-in for ADO.NET that opens up new opportunities for working with data and
development environment through the use of the most innovative solutions.

dotConnect is a set of high-performance ADO.NET providers that allow you to use the most popular database administration solutions.

The add-in is perfectly compatible with widely used ORMs (Entity Framework and LinqConnect). It opens up new horizons for software developers, and also significantly increases the efficiency of work.
dotConnect is perfect for all IT companies: the add-in can be used both in the creation of web-applications and Internet services, Windows-oriented software solutions, and mobile or corporate software tools.

dotConnect is absolute efficiency, complete reliability and excellent support.


Developer components:

  • First-class ADO.NET provider.
  • Non-standard DBMS solutions.
  • Compatible with Visual Studio.

RAD method:

  • Specialized software platform.
  • Improved tools and features.
  • The highest level of development.

ORM tools:

  • ADO.NET Entity Framework.
  • LinqConnect.
  • NHibernate.
  • Generator of ORM-structures.


  • SQL Server BIS.
  • ASP.NET providers.
  • Enterprise Library Data Access Application Block.
  • A set of first-class tools for database management.

In the Universal edition, it is possible to use data from a wide variety of databases for the Microsoft .NET Framework. It supports all common databases. You can use servers through their ADO.NET, OLE DB and ODBC providers.


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