Digicert SSL

Digicert SSL
DigiCert software is designed to protect the information resources of company servers



Degicert certificates guarantee reliable protection of information posted on the company’s website. Solutions prevent unauthorized access to information resources and the use of confidential data.



DigiCert Wildcard Plus SSL Certificate provides protection for several servers at the same time (web server, mail server, Intranet server, etc.). The product supports work with mobile devices and protects an unlimited number of subdomains of the *.example.com type. The Wildcard Plus SSL Certificate product guarantees reliable protection of the information posted on the site. The solution is supported by almost all existing browsers and portable devices.

DigiCert Single SSL Certificates provides protection for all information resources of the server. The solution supports TLS encryption, is compatible with all browsers, guarantees user authentication, is compatible with Apache, IIS, Tomcat, Exchange Server and other servers, supports e-mail, telephone communication and instant messaging server.

Extended Validation EV SSL Certificate is a solution to prevent unauthorized access to information resources and the use of confidential data. The product provides for advanced verification of business processes and data (bank card details, personal and financial information). When a user is on a site with an Extended Validation SSL certificate, the browser highlights the address bar in green.

DigiCert Unified Communications (UC) Certificates allows you to protect multiple domain names with a single certificate and simplifies server configuration by using a single IP address. Unified Communications (UC) Certificates provides protection for multiple Exchange 2007 services (OWA, SMTP, Autodiscovery, ActiveSync, and Outlook) with a single UC certificate. The solution supports the ability to virtually host multiple SSL-protected sites on a single IP address. With DigiCert, you can add, delete, or edit domains in a UC certificate at any time.

DigiCert provides a license for an unlimited number of servers, which allows you to use a Unified Communications certificate for any desired number of servers.

With Wildcard DigiCert, you can issue copies of your certificate to the required number of servers, each of which is assigned its own private key. You can add, change, or delete a SAN at any point in the certificate lifecycle.


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