eScan is a real-time virus protection and content security solution for workstations and servers



eScan is a complete antivirus solution with spam blocking and content management features.

It’s an integrated system that includes key features such as pop-up blocking, parental controls, URL filtering, email scanning, and many more features to bring a variety of security elements together and secure networks of all sizes.

eScan uses MicroWorld’s own developments:

  • MWL works at the Windows Sockets layer, blocking malware before it can reach applications. Through the use of MWL (MicroWorld Winsock Layer) technology, eScan products neutralize all threats still at the network level, before they can reach applications on the computer. MWL inspects incoming data packets transmitted over the network, detecting malware at the socket level of the Microsoft Windows operating system (Winsock). Thus, the highest level of protection of your computer is achieved.
  • Sophisticated heuristic algorithms for detecting malware allow you to neutralize not only known, but also new, newly emerged threats for which signatures do not yet exist. All detected threats are completely cured.
  • Non-Intrusive Learning Pattern (NILP) technology, which uses artificial intelligence techniques, allows eScan products to effectively weed out spam and phishing emails. NILP includes a mechanism for adapting to user behavior and analyzing which messages are desirable and which are undesirable for the user.
  • Domain and IP Reputation Checker (DIRC) technology checks the reputation of any suspicious websites and IP addresses, reliably protecting against phishing, malware, unwanted content, hacker attacks and other current threats.


eScan antivirus protects your computer from the maximum number of threats: viruses and Trojans, rootkits and keyloggers, it includes a firewall and an anti-spammer module.

Among the important features of the product are the protection of files and folders from unauthorized changes, the control of network traffic, network management and automatic download of critical Windows updates.

Another unique feature was the game mode, which allows gamers to enjoy the gameplay without interference.

  • state-of-the-art and up-to-date eScan Security Network technology provides rapid response and a high level of detection of new malware, which makes eScan protection reliable and effective
    Thanks to the new technology of proactive monitoring of program behavior (Proactive Behaviour Monitoring) and sophisticated heuristic detection algorithms, eScan effectively scans and detects unknown malware that is constantly created by virus writers. eScan also detects and alerts the user to applications that behave suspiciously, thereby providing protection against zero-day threats.
  • eScan includes an improved folder protection feature. this feature helps users prevent certain files and folders from being modified or deleted and prevents malicious software such as sality and virut from infecting specified files
  • eScan’s Malicious Internet Address Filter (URL Filter) feature blocks a user’s access to malicious websites. When connecting, the site is scanned for suspicious scripts and other threats.



The cloud-based eScan Security Network system provides protection against the latest and unknown threats: every second the database is updated through the cloud. The process of information exchange between the computer and the cloud can be observed in real time. The solution consumes minimal system resources and does not slow down the computer.

The latest versions implement a number of innovative and useful features, among them – the function of “vaccination” OF USB, which prevents USB devices from becoming sources of infection with viruses. eScan Rescue Mode allows you to safely start the system without using an optical disk or USB rescue card. With the help of the option of permanent deletion of data and privacy protection, users can permanently delete files and folders without fear that erased information will be restored by special means. The new version also implements other unique advanced features: “Extended reporting”, “Simplified authorization of licenses using the “Activation Wizard”, “Advanced parental control”, “Reputation cloud file verification services”, etc. Thus, new versions of eScan raise the level of protection of the digital environment of users to a fundamentally different, higher level.

In addition to functional offerings for SMBs and home users, eScan offers effective and convenient solutions for large enterprises, successfully used in many government, medical, educational institutions, as well as financial corporations.


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