UVLayout is a standalone application for creating and editing UV texture coordinates for 3D surfaces






Headus’ solution is used by both professionals in the gaming and visual effects industry and students. UVLayout’s unique approach gives texture artists the tools to create slightly distorted UV scans in significantly less time than traditional methods.



Main features of UVLayout:

  • OBJ Import and Export
  • Edge contour detection for faster UV seam selection
  • Symmetry editing to speed up the smoothing of symmetric grids
  • Color Feedback for instant estimation of distortion errors
  • Edge Straightening on shell boundaries
  • Brush anti-aliasing for local settings of automatically generated UVs
  • Automatic packaging of UV shells to minimize texture space
  • Auto Stacking of similar shells to share the texture of the space
  • Subsection Surface Calculation Based on Surface Limit Shape
  • Unlimited possibilities to cancel all editing functions
  • Plugin interface for integration into other applications


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