Hex-Rays Decompiler



The Hex-Rays decompiler is a key company. Compared to lower-level builds, it has a number of advantages:

  • Abbreviated code requires less time to play.
  • structured code schema makes it easy to understand the logic of the program;
  • work is done faster;
  • does not require the study of assembly language.

The pseudocode text is instantly generated. A few seconds are enough for most of the functions to work.

Now the decompiler effectively works with the code generated by the compiler for processors of different bit sizes, from 86 to 32, and also interacts with PowerPC. The software API is designed to simplify the output of decompiler data, which at the same time diagnoses vulnerabilities, checks installed software and analyzes code coverage.

The compilation process is performed on systems such as MS Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. The decompiler also works with GUI versions and text-based IDA.



Hex-Rays IDA

IDA is a multiprocessor disassembler based on Windows or Linux OS. You can call it a translator of the language of the machine into the language of a person, which helps to test and debug the emerging code. The disassembler is available for various platforms.





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