A process distribution application that uses the computing power of other computers on the network to efficiently parallelize tasks and therefore speed up build and many other related processes by up to 90%



IncrediBuild for Visual Studio C/C++

IncrediBuild allows you to significantly reduce the time of building code on any version of Microsoft Visual Studio by parallelizing the compilation of code in C / C ++ / C #, setting up build rules and using the capabilities of other computers available on the local network. In this case, the source files, computer configurations and code are not changed or damaged in any way.

IncrediBuild is a ready-to-use tool that does not require integration, additional preparation and connection of other interfaces.

After you install the IncrediBuild agent on your development computer, the IncrediBuild toolbar and menus are automatically added to the Visual Studio IDE. The IncrediBuild toolbar allows you to efficiently compile, decompile, clean up code, and more.

The main advantages of IncrediBuild for Visual Studio:

  • Seamless integration with Visual Studio.
  • Run out of the box without the need for additional configuration of the application or projects.
  • Allows you to use the free computing power of machines located on the local network (they must also have IncrediBuild agents installed on them), and can also scale to the public cloud.
  • Reliability and fault tolerance are the key to the successful creation of the assembly.
  • Does not require additional installation, maintenance or special equipment.
  • It has an interface that visualizes the build process, displays errors and inputs, and allows you to view the source data of projects.
  • You can use both the standard Visual Studio menu and the IncrediBuild menu to create a project.


IncrediBuild for Make & Build Tools

Using the free processing power of the associated machines, IncrediBuild significantly speeds up the build based on Make and many other mechanisms (SCons, Jam, jom, Ant and gmake). Right out of the box, IncrediBuild offers a lot of handy tools, and will also help speed up the work of build tools, compilation and many other time-consuming processes that the project needs, for this you practically do not need to edit the make-files themselves. IncrediBuild can adapt to different Make-scenarios, providing new opportunities to accelerate other elements of the build (unit testing, packaging, regression tests, etc.).


Speed up the assembly of Make-files
IncrediBuild efficiently distributes the processes required to build a Make file. To do this, the application creates the necessary tasks on remote computers, while emulating the environment and file system of the initiating computer. This avoids the need to copy files and install additional applications on other devices.

Acceleration of Make-tools that support local parallel execution of tasks
Many Make tools support parallelization of tasks, taking full advantage of multiprocessor/multi-core devices.

This feature allows you to:

  • Specify an “empty” switch – so the Make-tool will process several tasks in parallel, automatically adjusting to the number of available cores / processors on the device used.
  • Specify a switch with a specific value—The Make tool equates this value to the number of tasks that need to be performed in parallel.
    Example: the -J switch is set to 4, the Make tool will process a maximum of 4 processes in parallel on an available machine. If the J switch is not set, the system will automatically determine the amount of available power and will perform tasks based on the data received.
  • With IncrediBuild, you can specify even seemingly incredible values. For example, the -J switch with a value of 100. This will set 100 processes to parallel processing, as if 100 free cores are available on the computer under use. IncrediBuild, in turn, will efficiently distribute these 100 tasks across all computers available on the network. Experiment with –J-keys to find the value that allows you to achieve the best performance.


IncrediBuild для Dev Tools

It often happens that specialized applications (developed internally or by third-party vendors) run long, complex and resource-intensive processes.

Here are some examples:

  • Tools for managing various processes (TFS, TeamCity and Jenkins).
  • Native applications required to process and create specific files (image processing, audio encoding, data compression, and more).
  • Applications that perform modeling and analysis.
  • Native mechanisms for implementing code/data assembly.

IncrediBuild for Dev Tools will accelerate the key processes required for application development, including quality tests, code analysis, asset build, packaging, and stress testing. This will help to reduce the time required for the cycle of work and evaluation of the quality of the product, improve efficiency, and also help to meet even the most stringent deadlines.


IncrediBuild for Consoles

IncrediBuild offers a turnkey solution to accelerate game development. It supports the latest versions of Visual Studio 2015 and is configured to work with the Make and Build tools. IncrediBuild is actively used by medium and large game studios, as well as engine providers from around the world. The IncrediBuild kit is suitable for developers of both computer and console (Xbox 360/One, Sony PlayStation2/3/4, PS-Vita, Nintendo Wii UTM/3DSTM/Wii) games.



Many developers also use IncrediBuild for Dev Tools to speed up processes such as:

  • Rendering.
  • Text compression.
  • Shading.
  • Create lighting.
  • AI-image processing.
  • Build the code.
  • Encryption.
  • Testing.
  • QA.
  • Code analysis.
  • Specialized tasks required for specific projects.


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