iZotope’s intelligent technology allows musicians, music producers, and audio engineers to focus on their core tasks, rather than setting up hardware and learning to work with software for a long time. iZotope, Inc. has built award-winning software tools, plug-ins, hardware, and mobile applications for high-quality audio processing. The company achieved such results through the use of machine learning and the development of an intuitive interface for its products.


RX Post Production Suite


RX is one of the best tools for processing and restoring audio recordings. It was created on the basis of the results obtained in the course of thorough research in the field of digital sound processing and machine learning. RX has impressive functionality for post-production and uses various innovations (for interactive isolation, noise reduction and intermittent removal of low-level noise).

It can also be used to easily process music and remove unwanted noises from tracks (sighs, clicks, breathing sound, etc.), as well as restore recordings that were interrupted, for example, due to a microphone mute.

Innovative audio processing capabilities:

  • Restoration. Do what literally a year ago was considered impossible, thanks to RX.
  • Create mixes. RX takes mixing to a whole new level.
  • Mastering audio recordings. Experiment with new features for mastering tracks.


Power combined with full flexibility:

RX is the perfect choice for those who want to efficiently restore and process audio recordings. This tool was developed taking into account the results of thorough research in the field of digital signal processing, as well as using machine learning technology.

RX offers a huge number of technologies and capabilities for post-processing (isolation of dialogues, suppression of interference and noise, removal of intermittent low-level noise), cleaning (removal of random sounds, clicks) and audio recovery (for example, after interruption of recording due to hardware problems).

RX is a perfect and versatile tool that already today allows you to achieve the level of quality that recently seemed unattainable.


The main advantages of iZotope RX:

Breakthrough technologies. Create musical masterpieces and high-end audio content with innovative RX solutions.
An extensive set of tools. This application offers a huge number of opportunities for working with sound, which have no analogues in the market.
Innovations in signal processing. Get guaranteed clean, high-quality and normalized sound during restoration.


Main features:

  • Dialogue Denoiser allows you to reduce third-party noise and audio interference when recording dialogues in real time. Create high-quality audio content with a fast and convenient tool, without breaking away from the main workflow.
  • Dereverb is a new solution to reduce the reverberation effect prevalent in instrumental and vocal audio. Easily condense tracks through the setting of rooms in Dereverb.
  • Insight is one of the plugins in the RX Advanced suite. It provides everything you need to effectively analyze audio recordings and verify compliance with current volume standards.
  • Asymmetric Declip: Perform accurate audio decliping. Improve sound quality in just a couple of clicks with separate decallow thresholds and optimal settings for a specific wave type.
  • Declick Module Update: Detecting and removing deaf and heterogeneous noise is now even more efficient with new Click Widening and Frequency Skew settings.
  • Advanced Azimuth Control: Manage stereo timing discrepancies using innovative technologies for time analysis and timing.
  • Center Channel Extraction: Achieves perfect noise reduction when processing stereo channels of mono recordings. Perfect for stereo processing (A/D) of mono recordings, playing mono sound in stereo format and separating vocals from stereo music.
  • Pitch contouring: Process audio at variable playback speeds using universal sampling, which is a great solution for working with vinyl and film recordings.
  • Updated tool to increase time and pitch.
  • Improved optimization of the Leveler function, which with the help of intelligent technologies allows you to control the “artifacts” of sighs and de-essing of vocals: cut, reduce and amplify breathing sounds automatically found by the program (included only in the Advanced package)
  • The new AmbienceMatchAudioSuite plug-in for loop processing, speech and audiophone separation (included only in the Advanced package).
  • De-plosive is a unique solution for cleaning speech recordings from noise (included only in the Advanced package).
  • InstantProcess is a handy feature for working directly with audio tracks, allowing you to literally “erase” noise and fix many other problems.
  • A separate module to eliminate distortion, sounds in the background, etc.
  • Integrate or synchronize the RX Audio Editor with the desired DAW system or NLE-timeline using seamless Integration.
  • New manual editing capabilities and Clip-by-clip support for Avid solutions.
  • De-reverb now allows you to remove or dampen the reverb of background sounds.

RX Advanced.The industry standard for audio repair, the RX 7 is equipped with advanced technologies for post-production, such as microphone noise reduction, dialog isolation and intermittent low-level noise elimination.

RX Loudness Control.RX Loudness Control will effectively analyze and make the mix compatible with any global volume standard, and then instantly generate a volume report in the format. CSV.


iZotope Insight. Insight provides an extensive set of tools for analyzing and measuring sound, ideal for visualizing changes made during mixing and mastering, eliminating problematic mixes and ensuring compliance with broadcast volume standards.

Thanks to its flexibility, Insight perfectly scales for any task, which allows you to always monitor the parameters of mono- and stereo tracks right while working on them.

Main functions:

  • Quickly find incorrectly configured audio recordings using toast notifications and signals in the plugin window.
  • Be sure that the track fully complies with all accepted volume standards (BS.1770-1/2/3) thanks to Insight’s intelligent tools.
  • Analyze your tracks using metric scalability and routing capability. Specify exactly the metrics you are used to, adjust the dimensions of the Insight window for a more comfortable work.
  • Use Insight’s extensive feature set: high-precision peak detector, volume sensor and graph, Surround Scope, 2D/3D spectrograms, spectral analysis.


BreakTweaker. BreakTweaker from BT и iZotope – it’s not just a drum machine,  but it’s a complete environment for
development of beats, in which rhythm and melody united.

BreakTweaker does the impossible: the longer the bit sounds, the deeper its sound becomes. Use the possibilities of slicing to create real rhythm hits from simple melodies. At your disposal is the best of all existing drum sample libraries, which is curated by BT, iZotope and the leading audio studios.

  • Control all aspects of the sound: Create a bit by changing the pitch, rhythm and texture of high-quality sound.
  • More experimentation: Use the extensive library of presets, samples, and wave tables developed by established musicians and DJs, including BT.
  • New and incredible: Create complex polyrhythmic bits with unique isorhythm and playback speed settings.
  • Perfect drum sound: A full-fledged synthesizer that will allow you to create the best beats.
  • Full control: run and group patterns and samples of any complexity using a MIDI controller.


iZotope Trash. iZotope Trash –it is a tool to add various audio effects: from increasing the volume to increasing the depth of the rhythm. iZotope Trash supports Windows and MacOS operating systems.

Main advantages:

iZotope Trash is the perfect choice for any musician. Easily change the sound of your tracks with the extensive functionality of iZotope Trash. The plugin allows you to use multi-band compression and distortion, create distortion, add post-filters and much more.

Amplify the sound, change the depth of the rhythm – experiment to create original and memorable content.

Explore studio track processing from the comfort of your home: just install iZotope Trash on your personal Computer running Windows or MacOS and start creating.

According to the developers, the plugin allows you to create tracks with a frequency of 192kHz and a stream of 64-bit. This solution has an intuitive interface, so it is perfect for both a professional and a beginner, and also provides the most innovative technologies and sound processing tools.

iZotope Ozone. iZotope Ozone – an extensive set of effective tools that provide both standard features and innovative solutions (advanced signal processing, spectral reformatting, Tonal Balance Control technology) for high-quality audio processing.

Main advantages:

Izotope Ozone is a great choice for any musician or sound processing specialist. The Ozone application is characterized by its flexibility and versatility, which allows you to achieve incredible results. Use time-tested methods and tools, experiment with completely new opportunities – create really high-quality content.

Ozone offers everything you need to process both analog and digital signals:

  • Process audio using analog simulations while maintaining a clear linear phase.
  • Easily add warmth, percussion and volume to your tracks.
  • The updated IRC III limiter allows you to achieve better volume and volume while maintaining all the nuances of sound.
  • Use an advanced hybrid Reverb.
  • Explore the plethora of Reverberator rooms and the diverse Exaiter modes.
  • Enhance mono sound with stereoize.
  • Easily detect sound peaks in True Envelope and Detection Circuit filters (Dynamics plug-in).
  • Experiment with new Equalizer features in Mixed-Phase mode.
  • Feel a really smooth workflow.
  • Create quality content several times faster using intelligent mastering. This function analyzes the audio profile of the audio recording and automatically creates templates for mastering, selects the optimal configurations, etc.
  • Adjust the pitch of the sound through a special tool Spectral Shaper. Experiment with the frequency of different instruments without damaging the original audio material.

Ozone features:

  • Library of professional presets (more than 250 copies).
  • Ability to automate and manage routing.
  • Support for low-latency DAW systems.
  • An extensive set of tools for professional sound processing.
  • Extensive workflow control.
  • User-friendly graphical interface.

iZotope Neutron.The balanced combination of neutron’s innovative new mixing and analysis tools includes the new Tonal Balance Control, Masking Meter, Mix Tap, surround sound support and component plugins for superior mixing. Designed for mixing and mastering music.

Thanks to the Mix Tap plugin, it is possible to route an audio signal to the Tonal Balance Control and Visual Mixer modules for advanced processing options. The Tonal Balance Control plugin allows you to adjust the volume of instruments and make their equalization, while it is possible to synchronize the work of all running instances of the Neutron EQ equalizer. Visual Mixer provides the ability to mix a composition in an intuitive visual format, arranging tracks and their levels in space.

Neutron also includes Track Assistant, which helps to analyze and adjust the parameters of the audio signal. The module can detect the type of tool used and automatically set the level of compression, equalization and other settings. In addition, the program includes: gate, equalizer, two multiband compressors, a multiband exbiter, a transient shaper and a limiter.



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