JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA

JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA

The unique features of JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA relieve the programmer of the burden of routine work, help to eliminate errors in a timely manner and improve the quality of the code, raising the productivity of the developer to a new height.




Fast and high-quality programming

  • Intelligent coding automation (input completion functions, prediction of the most likely actions, etc.).
  • Effective error minimization tools (code review and optimization, visual highlighting and error reporting, search for duplicate code fragments, identification of dependencies, etc.).
  • Powerful navigation tools for working with source code.
  • Possibility to modify the code in debug mode, functions of splitting the editing window.
  • Multiple selection function, which allows you to make changes to the code in several places at the same time.
  • Postfix code completion, with which you can replace one expression (already entered) with another, depending on the postfix to add.

Efficient application development and modernization

  • Leading code refactoring tools with support for EJB components will help not only at the stage of redesigning applications, but also in performing routine programming tasks.
  • Full support for Java SDK 1.5.

Excellent integration with external systems

  • BEA WebLogic and Apache Tomcat application servers.
  • CVS, Visual SourceSafe, and StarTeam source control systems.
  • Built-in Ant utility and support for the JUnit test environment.

Unparalleled usability

  • Possibility to assign a keyboard shortcut to any command or function of the system.
  • Extensible architecture based on open APIs for integration with custom solutions.
  • Plug-in Manager for quick installation and updating of plugins.

Powerful source editor

  • Auto-complete functions on input, intelligent import wizard, context-sensitive actions, live-templates, code analysis “on the fly” (detection of errors, unused variables, etc.), customizable tools for autogeneration of standard software designs.
  • Full access to all functions using the keyboard and mouse.

Code refactoring

Powerful automated refactoring features that ensure that all references and calls within the project change correctly when classes and components are modified.

Visual Interface Builder

Just drag and drop the required visual components into the application designer window and “associate” them with the corresponding functional modules – the IDEA development environment will do the rest on its own.

Enterprise Application Development

  • Rapid development of JSP files, including source-level debugging of JSP pages.
  • XML support, including auto-completion as you type, flexible formatting, and viewing of data structures.
  • Generate EJB stubs, color code highlighting, code optimization and refactoring.
  • Built-in integration with BEA WebLogic and Apache Tomcat application servers, plus the ability to interact with any J2EE server.

Navigation and source search

  • IDEA makes it easy to find the classes or files you need, create numbered bookmarks in the source texts to navigate to the required code snippets, quickly navigate to the place where the latest changes were made, define personal TODO templates for quick viewing in the future.
  • The intelligent Find Usages function allows you to quickly find all the references and calls to a given class, method, or variable in your project.
  • IDEA provides the highest search speed even when working with large projects with several thousand source files.
  • Structured search and replace functions.

Tight integration with third-party development tools

  • Powerful visual debugger with the ability to modify the code directly in debug mode and the Pop Frame function.
  • Integration with CVS, Visual SourceSafe, and StarTeam version control systems.
  • Support for AngularJS and Spy-JS.
  • Built-in Ant utility and support for the JUnit test environment.
  • Open APIs for creating custom solutions and a plug-in manager for quickly installing and updating more than 100 plugins.
  • Plugin for integration with the product Сhronon (free for users of IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate).

The latest update includes:

  • Improved project and IDE navigation
  • Revised plugin settings page
  • Delegate, create, run actions in Maven
  • Everything starts
  • Improved structured search and replace dialogs
  • Multi-line TODO comments
  • New status bar
  • JVM Debugger: Connects to Java processes running without a debugger
  • Macro Support in Java Startup Configurations
  • VCS Enhancement
  • Kubernets support