JetBrains ReSharper

JetBrains ReSharper

Ability to write error-free code

  • Instant error checking without precompilation.
  • Quick correction of detected errors with the ability to choose from a list of alternative methods of correction (“quick-fixes”).
  • Ability to check for errors in individual files and throughout the solution.
  • Displays warnings about potential errors and problems, such as excessive type conversion and unused characters.
  • Ability to annotate the code to improve the accuracy of the analysis.
  • Convenient tools for highlighting errors and navigating between errors, warnings, suggestions, and tips.

Improve developer productivity

  • Character auto-completion, intelligent auto-completion, and type import by auto-completion.
  • Customizable highlighting of fields, local variables, and types.
  • Over 130 “contextual actions” for local transformations.
  • Automatic substitution of parentheses and other delimiters.
  • Display documentation for types, class members, and method parameters in pop-up windows.
  • Automatically insert missing elements using directives.

Comprehensive code cleanup

  • Format according to the specified style settings.
  • Eliminate redundant constructs in your code.
  • Migrating to C# 3.0 Language Constructs.
  • Streamline namespace import directives.
  • Update and unify file headers.
  • The ability to perform all of the above functions simultaneously.

Multiple refactorings

  • 34 intelligent automated refactoring.
  • The “Refactor this” function allows you to find out which refactorings are applicable in a particular code fragment.
  • Improved search and navigation tools
  • Quickly jump to a type, file, class member, and any character in the solution by name.
  • Move up and down the hierarchy of methods and types.
  • View and organize the structure of the current file.
  • View stack trace data and quickly navigate to the exception object.
  • Unit Testing
  • User-friendly interface for managing, running, and debugging NUnit tests.
  • Support for other test environments through plug-ins.
  • Profile unit tests using dotTrace Profiler.
  • Enhanced language and technology support
  • C# 3.0.
  • Visual Basic 8.
  • XML.
  • XAML.
  • Manage unit tests (NUnit, other environments).
  • Edit ASP.NET files.
  • Edit MSBuild and NAnt scripts.
  • Open API to extend the functionality of ReSharper.
  • Edit ASP.NET files
  • Edit and refactor properties of controls, events, data sources, and placeholders in ASP.NET.
  • Most C# code editing features are available in ASP.NET files, including highlighting errors, navigation, contextual actions, and so on.

Editing NAnt and MSBuild Scripts

  • Code completion, color highlighting of errors and quick fixes, rename refactoring, quick transition to ads, etc.
  • Create script files that are automatically recognized when you open them.