JetBrains Upsource

JetBrains Upsource

Access the code of each project at high speed. The presence of a common access point for all repositories in which employees of the development company work, allows you to follow the data updates online.

Convenient update history. By using the Upsource platform, you can monitor all changes, creations and mergers of directions, as well as review the project at any stage of its updates and see which team members made changes to the code, and when it happened.

Exchange of code links. The platform allows you to exchange links to change pages, reports, navigation parameters, files, code elements and other artifacts.

Study of various changes. All activities performed at any point in the project can be analyzed by using multiple views. When working with Java, Upsource will be able to report on the results of automatic code review directly in the revision comparison.

Ability to access the current and past code versions. The platform makes it possible to quickly study the code of the project at any stage of it, and for this purpose there is no need to create a copy of the repository on a local personal device. With any check, you can use the function of searching for file and text documents, which allows you to analyze the process of project development over time.

Review and review the code. The Upsource platform provides an option to freely comment on code elements and changes made to it, or allows you to perform formal reviews. Such a functional algorithm makes it possible to detect defective moments in the early stages and allows team members to have a constant understanding of what is happening in the project. Comments left in reviews and discussions remain in the database – they can be accessed at any stage of the project development. In the event that someone has discussed a problem in a particular part of the code and made the appropriate decision, these comments will be available in one of the future revisions.