JetBrains WebStorm

JetBrains WebStorm

Using the power of HTML/XHTML and XML code, WebStorm automatically completes styles, links, attributes, and other code elements. When working with CSS, the code for classes, HTML numbers, keywords, and so on is completed. WebStorm offers automatic solutions to problems such as choosing format, properties, classes, file references, and other CSS attributes. The solution allows you to use the power of the Zen coding tool for HTML layout, displays tag actions on a web page.

WebStorm completes JavaScript code for keywords, labels, variables, parameters, and DOM functions, and supports specific features of popular browsers. The JavaScript refactoring features implemented in the solution allow you to transform the structure of your code and files, and .js.

WebStorm provides debugging of JavaScript code and provides a wide range of features: finding a breakpoint in HTML and JavaScript, setting breakpoint parameters, testing code syntax in real time, etc. The product supports jQuery, YUI, Prototype, DoJo, MooTools, Qooxdoo and Bindows platforms. WebStorm provides integrated text validation for tags, code sequence, spelling errors, etc. WebStorm allows you to edit files and automatically synchronize them on demand when working or storing them remotely.

The product supports the function of version control and preliminary versions of the code and records all the actions and changes made. By creating a history in WebStorm, you can recover code expressions, blocks, and even entire files.

Main features:

  • Modification of .css files, .html, .js with simultaneous viewing of results (Live Edit, in some sources this functionality is called “editing files on the fly” or “in real time” or “without reloading the page”)
  • HTML support
  • JSDoc support
  • Node support.js
  • ZenCodding and Emmet features
  • Debugging JavaScript Code
  • Remote deployment via FTP, SFTP, mounted network drives, etc. with the ability to automatically synchronize
  • Integration with source control systems: Subversion, Git, GitHub, Perforce, Mercurial, CVS are supported out of the box with the ability to build a list of changes and deferred changes
  • Integration with bug tracking