JetBrains YouTrack

JetBrains YouTrack

YouTrack provides fast report generation and problem handling. Tasks can be set using the hotkey combination Alt+Ins. Thanks to keyboard support, you can create, edit and move tasks – all basic actions have special keyboard combinations. The user can assign tags to task groups according to their attributes.


Most actions can be done with 2 simple controls:

  • A set of queries in the search box and an extension of the query.
  • Adjust multiple tasks at the same time by using the command window.


YouTrack is distributed as a jar or WAR file, ready to run as standalone Java processes, or on any modern popular application server, including Apache Tomcat 6+, Apache Geronimo, Mortbay Jetty, Caucho Resin, and JBoss.

Main features:

  • Search for system problems.
  • Create and edit tasks.
  • Users can search, view, and comment on tasks.
  • The navigation system includes a list of tasks, a full overview of tasks, visibility settings, sorting of tasks.
  • Convenient controls.
  • Integration with JIRA, LDAP, OpenID and TeamCity.

New features:

  • New Project Page
  • YouTrack Docker image
  • SAML Authentication
  • Management of personal data


  • View a list for backup issues
  • Sorting cards on Agile Boards
  • New collation for value sets in custom fields
  • Attach files to comments
  • Search for similar
  • Ability to disable update notifications
  • Ability to require input for custom fields
  • New search keywords
  • Groups and teams
  • Cloning Roles
  • General settings for authorization modules
  • Attribute Configuration for SAML Providers
  • Redesigned Problem Creation Page (Test Feature)