A platform for continuous software release management




  • universal storage of artifacts
  • security and compliance
  • cloud CI/CD
  • delivery of software releases


What is JFrog

The platform is designed to manage and deploy software packages, making it a DevOps database.
It is an important bridge between software development and deployment, paving the way for the modern DevOps paradigm.


JFrog services

  • Provides version control features that allow you to track changes to artifacts and revert to previous versions as needed
  • Allows you to create pipelines in a visual interface that automatically build, test, package, and deliver software
  • Analyzes artifacts for vulnerabilities, provides warnings and security recommendations
  • Helps you easily distribute your software products, libraries, packages, and other development artifacts.


Integrations with JFrog

JFrog products integrate with almost any development environment: from legacy code to new containers and microservices.






Why connect JFrog

With JFrog, you get a number of advantages and make your work easier.

  • Comprehensive solution – All development progress automation functions in one place
  • Adaptability – You can integrate the platform with software development tools
  • Support for hybrid environments – The platform supports on-premises, cloud, and hybrid configurations.
  • Scalability – Can serve different development scales and organizational needs
  • Easy to maintain – Easy to operate, integrate, and customize
  • High availability – Guaranteed continuous operation and minimized system downtime