Real-time editing and visualization tools for 3D artists


The tools are designed for professionals to create games, visualization, visual effects – from production preparation to post-production

Marmoset Toolbag is designed to edit, view and present 3D models in real time. Allows you to organize the automation of the workflow for artists with a physically accurate calculation of models. Supports Windows and OS X platforms with full GPU load.

App Features

  • support for animation of all formats;
  • extended lighting;
  • baked textures;
  • change in skin texture.



Marmoset provides the user with a robust set of materials and lighting presets, and condenses the rendering workflow into a simple process, connecting maps, and then selecting an HDR-based lighting scenario from the drop-down menu.

In addition to Marmoset’s core tools, the software comes with a standard extensive list of post-processing effects that include ambient occlusion, depth of field, high-quality light color, deep fog, and chromatic aberration, all of which can be changed in real time.


Marmoset Hexels is a multifunctional grid-based drawing tool. The powerful form mode gives you complete control over multi-faceted sub-networks. The utility helps to create isometric designs, complex geometric patterns, as well as work in an abstract artistic style. Thanks to the keyframe editor, GIF images are easily created. The palette consists of autocomplete and easily movable shapes that make it easy to make a gradient.

The user interface is fully customizable for specific requirements.


Marmoset Panos – These are HDRI panoramas with a viewing angle of 360⁰, high quality and resolution. The vendor’s specialists use special and professional equipment to record the most natural level of lighting, so all the superimposed special effects will add realism to images or video frames and recreate the full depth of color. The solution will be an ideal help for artists, photographers, architects, designers, game developers or editors of special effects in video.

You can also process files to improve the quality of 3D videos and videos with augmented reality.

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