Marvelous Designer. Software for creating 3D clothing in the film and television industry,

video games and interior design.



  • Create and edit templates. Users can create and edit rectangular, round, or any other polygonal shapes.Free sewing. Users can create and edit seam lines.
  • Reference points and volume limits. Pivot points and the order in which volumes are limited are used to properly place templates around the avatar. All sample drawings should be positioned in the correct position around the avatar for stable modeling.
  • Physical properties. The “Physical Property” section contains information about the behavior of the fabric with several values that determine the characteristics of the material. Users can manually change a physical property or simply select a predefined physical property.
  • Compatibility. During modeling and animation, data between software including Maya, 3DS Max, Softimage, Modo and ZBrush can be imported/exported.
  • Animation editor. Users can upload, edit, and save the 3D clothing file used in the animation recording. The recorded animation can be imported/exported to 3DS Max or Maya as Maya Cache, Point Cache2, MDD Point Cache.

Use ready-made templates to design and edit models.

Create unique 3D models of clothes with the help of reliable design software.

Implement any ideas without wasting time on routine. Develop a variety of projects: from simple shirts to luxurious dresses and uniforms. Marvelous Designer accurately recreates the texture and physical features of fabrics to the last detail.

Take full advantage of compatibility: Marvelous Designer perfectly supports other software tools for 3D modeling and various interactive interfaces. Easily edit and drape models with powerful tools.

Experiment with the breakthrough template technology that Marvelous Designer uses. This approach has already been highly appreciated by the largest game (EA, Konami) and animation studios, as well as visual effects developers (this tool was used by Weta Digital in the creation of films such as The Hobbit and The Adventures of Tintin).

Marvelous Designer has an extensive toolkit for developing design projects of any complexity, which makes it easy to create high-quality 3D models with any number of details.

Save your time with Marvelous Designer. Thanks to the support of the OBJ format, this solution can be comfortably used together with other popular applications for 3D processing.


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