MiniTool: Secure and easy management of hard disks and data


Get comprehensive solutions for partition management, data recovery, backup, and more




MiniTool is a set of software tools for managing hard drives and data that provides users with all the features they need to

Manage partitions safely and easily: Create, delete, format, resize, and merge partitions without losing data.
Recover lost or damaged data: Recover files, photos, documents, and more from hard drives, SSDs, USB drives, and other storage media.
Backup and protect your data: Back up your system disks, partitions, or files to protect against data loss.
Optimize hard disk performance: Check and fix hard disk errors and defragment disks to improve performance.

MiniTool is an easy-to-use and affordable solution for users of all levels, from beginners to professionals.


With MiniTool, you can:

Save time and money: Solve hard drive and data problems on your own, without the need to call in the experts.
Protect your data: Keep your data safe with reliable backup and recovery features.
Improve your computer’s performance: Optimize your hard drive performance to keep your PC running smoothly.

MiniTool offers a wide range of software products to help you solve different problems:

MiniTool Partition Wizard: A powerful partition management tool that allows you to create, delete, format, resize and merge partitions without losing data.
MiniTool Data Recovery: Professional data recovery software that can help you recover lost or damaged files, photos, documents and other data from hard drives, SSDs, USB drives and other storage media.
MiniTool ShadowMaker: A reliable backup and recovery solution that allows you to create backup copies of your system disks, partitions or files to protect against data loss.
MiniTool DriveScan: A free tool for checking and fixing hard disk errors that can help you improve your PC’s performance.