Database Monitoring

Database Monitoring

Professional monitoring of PRTG databases


  • Comprehensive database monitoring.
  • Oracle SQL, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL and others.
  • Eliminate downtime and optimize performance.


Database Monitoring:
5 Reasons to Use PRTG


Database availability and performance are key elements of your business. PRTG requests data from your database without long queries, connections, or return times. The execution time of the entire database query is always displayed on the PRTG dashboard.

Monitor specific datasets from your databases, as no other tools do anymore, with customized PRTG sensors and SQL queries that you define yourself. These datasets can come from a ticket database or an online store (see examples). Such database monitoring will allow you to optimize your business procedures and provide employees with important information.

Do you want to use PRTG to analyze and monitor specific datasets in your databases? Then connect the database monitor to custom reports that you can automatically send to your managers. When using PRTG, all report generation functions are enabled!

PRTG offers predefined sensors for every important database vendor. Among them: MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Oracle SQL and PostgreSQL. If you are using a database that is not listed here, you can often run our ADO SQL sensor. Not enough? You can easily write your own sensor.

Thanks to the PRTG dashboard, you can take advantage of an overview of all databases and, if desired, many others. PRTG allows full network monitoring. This is effective because if your databases are malfunctioning, the problem may end up in a different location.

3 Examples of Database Monitoring with PRTG



Many companies use the ticket system for unfinished work tasks. Paessler also uses a ticketing system, for example to support its customers. If this database contains too many raw tickets, PRTG will automatically signal. When the color of the sensor changes to red, you immediately realize that additional personnel are needed.

PRTG helps track inventory. When your online store succeeds, your warehouse often experiences a strain. PRTG will immediately notify the responsible persons so that they can quickly cope with the situation.

What is your company’s earnings per hour, day, week? Use PRTG to display numbers on a screen in the office where anyone can see them. Additional statistics, such as the number of visitors to your website, are also part of the survey.