PRTG – Hard Drive Status Monitoring

PRTG – Hard Drive Status Monitoring
  • Hard Disk Check available for Windows, Linux, Unix systems
  • PRTG displays the overall memory status of all drives in a single control panel
  • Automatically diagnoses the condition of hard drives
  • PRTG will warn you in advance about the filling of disk space


Monitor the status and amount of disk memory on your network


Nothing is more annoying than when the text that you have been working on for hours suddenly disappears, or when the installation of the program is interrupted. Disk drives should always have free space where updates will be automatically downloaded, user data will be saved and CRM or ERP data will arrive: in each network there are processes that write data to disk. To ensure that data is not lost, there must be enough free space on the disk.

PRTG runs in the background, constantly monitors the availability of disk space and notifies when there is little free space left. Administrators can take steps to avoid running out of disk space. This ensures the continuity of business processes.

Configure thresholds in the PRTG alert system and you can do other things. As soon as the memory level exceeds the thresholds, the system will notify you. You’ll either clear the disk space or increase the amount of memory.

Thanks to PRTG, the company’s employees can work calmly.


7 Reasons to Choose PRTG to Monitor Your Hard Drive


Employees of the company can be sure that there is always enough memory whenever they save data. That there will be no downtime, working hours will not be lost. Employees will be satisfied.

The value of data is growing. Losing important information (like customer data) can cost a lot of money. PRTG helps to control the storage of data to the disk, thereby avoiding data loss.

PRTG automatically monitors and notifies you when disk space is shrinking. You do not need to manually monitor this yourself.

PRTG will instantly send you a notification if you run out of free disk space.

PRTG automatically recognizes disk drives on the network, assesses the status and amount of disk space. Administrators do not need additional effort.

You can use disk health assessment to prevent data loss or failure. Replace the drive if necessary.

PRTG checks the status of even the network file system.


PRTG collects the following information


  • Disk Space Monitoring for Unix Systems (“Total Unix Disk Space”)
  • Disk Space Monitoring for Linux Systems (“Total Linux Disk Space”)
  • Disk Space Monitoring for Windows (Windows Shared Disk Space)
  • Monitor performance and disk capacity for storage area networks (SANs)
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS) Monitoring
  • Edit files – you will receive a notification if the files you have tagged have been changed
  • Presence of files – you will receive a notification if the files you have marked are not available
  • Hard drive status – automatic diagnostics of the hard drive by parameters: integrity, temperature and others
  • Hard Disk Speed
  • Hard Drive Failure – Is the hard drive responding? Does it display an error message?
  • Measuring the disk space of SMB (free & total) network file systems (“Share disk free-Sensor”)