PRTG – Comprehensive Network Computer Monitoring Tool

PRTG – Comprehensive Network Computer Monitoring Tool
  • PRTG automatically collects data about the status of computers on the network
  • PRTG monitors CPU utilization, temperature, memory usage, bandwidth requirements, system configuration, and more
  • PRTG enhances system reliability


PRTG helps you manage computers and prevent crashes


What is Computer management?
Computer management includes collecting data on the state of the network, analyzing and ensuring the proper operation of the IT infrastructure. Computer management systems help the system administrator to control the network environment.

Manage computers on your network
Damaged hard drives, interrupted connection, malicious software – problems with hardware and software often happen in companies.

It is almost always possible to find a problem with at least one computer, unfortunately for users. The task of technical support departments is to detect and quickly fix the problem. But even if it succeeds, frequent downtime in the work ultimately still leads to an increase in costs.

An effective approach in this case is to prevent the occurrence of errors, instead of reacting to events that have already occurred. Professional monitoring systems help to detect problems in advance and notify administrators. PRTG is a single solution for monitoring devices on the network, which allows you to monitor the status of computers. Active network management helps reduce data loss, workflow interruptions, and increase employee satisfaction.

PRTG helps you monitor the status of computers from different IBM, Dell, or HP manufacturers.

PRTG makes it easier to do it.


PRTG uses the following data for monitoring:


Cpu health monitoring is an important element of computer monitoring. PRTG notifies administrators of CPU utilization, temperature, and performance. CPU monitoring helps you track problems at an early stage before they become critical to the entire system.

Monitoring memory usage is useful during peak loads on your network. PRTG provides ready-made sensors for memory monitoring, including WMI Memory Sensor, SNMP Memory Sensor or SSH Meminfo Sensor. This simplifies the monitoring process itself and helps to avoid a decrease in network performance.

PRTG’s computer monitoring solution collects data about your network bandwidth. Bandwidth monitoring helps measure available bandwidth and data transfer in real time, such as download and download speeds.

Interruption of program installation, failure of backup or disappearance of user files – the causes of such problems lies in the lack of disk space. Monitoring disk space will help you control the amount of memory. The PRTG computer health monitoring solution will display memory status information in a single dashboard. This will help ensure that your business processes run smoothly.

PRTG’s computer monitoring solution is a tool for gathering information about your IT infrastructure. PRTG collects information about the system of all devices on the network. Learn more about your device: connected hardware, installed software, or running processes.

PRTG provides a built-in solution for reviewing system information for every computer on your network so that you can be aware of all the important information regarding your devices. This is more than a standard monitoring tool can provide. Along with other monitoring features that are already included in PRTG, you will be able to control the entire IT infrastructure with just one tool.