PRTG: Server Room Monitoring

PRTG: Server Room Monitoring
  • PRTG provides reliable monitoring of server rooms
  • PRTG monitors changes in temperature, humidity and power outages
  • In case of an emergency situation, PRTG sends out notifications
  • With the control panel and room maps, you are in full control of the entire system


PRTG maintains server room security and central IT infrastructure


Servers are key elements of the company’s IT infrastructure. Server failure can affect the work of the entire company: downtime, lack of access to data. This will affect the quality of work of business units. Software and key services will not be available. The server room requires reliable protection: from fire and destruction, from hacking and unauthorized access.

PRTG helps protect the server room equipment from temperature and humidity changes. With the help of sensors, you monitor the availability of servers and other equipment in the room and control the microclimate: temperature, humidity, air flow rate.

PRTG provides all the necessary sensors to protect the server room:

  • Sensors for uninterrupted power supply
  • Sensors for room air conditioning
  • Sensors for smoke detectors and fire alarms. Fires can be detected at the earliest stages
  • These precautions will bear fruit. Customers and partners will be satisfied, realizing that everything is under control.

Thanks to PRTG, employees of your company will be able to work calmly.


5 Reasons to Choose a PRTG for Server Room Monitoring


One way or another, all IT processes pass through the server room. Problems in the server room affect the entire company – the consequences are unpredictable. Monitoring helps to quickly identify errors and protect your IT infrastructure from possible failures.

Servers are sensitive to temperature changes, humidity, and power outages. Therefore, server rooms require constant monitoring.

Sensitive data must be protected. To do this, you need clear rules for access to the server room. You can prevent unauthorized use of data by using access control and an event recording system.

PRTG automatically sends out alerts. You just need to define thresholds, and if the values are exceeded, PRTG will send a warning. You determine the method of notification yourself: SMS, e-mail, push notifications.

With the help of PRTG you will be able to quickly respond to events in the server room and prevent the occurrence of emergency situations. In many cases, errors can be resolved before a server crash occurs.