Professional end-to-end server monitoring with PRTG

Professional end-to-end server monitoring with PRTG
  • PRTG monitors mail servers
  • PRTG monitors web servers
  • PRTG monitors the operation of the database server
  • PRTG monitors virtual servers
  • PRTG monitors all your servers 24/7


Three Good Reasons to Use PRTG as Server Monitoring Software


Whether it’s just a few servers or an entire cluster, PRTG dynamically adapts to the server configuration. If you want to increase the number of servers, you can extend all licenses individually. PRTG is an integrated solution: our server monitoring tool monitors not only the servers, but also the entire system: processors, memory, fans, power supplies and other components. PRTG instantly identifies failed routers or switches that are causing a server to fail. Even virtual servers are also automatically recognized and monitored.

Servers are the foundation of any IT infrastructure. Without them, the work of the company is almost impossible. PRTG helps to minimize downtime or even prevent them! PRTG instantly notifies you of any problems by email or SMS. Accurate localization of errors can significantly save time. You can even set thresholds for alerts yourself. This way, you will be alerted before the error causes a crash.

PRTG will help you plan the amount of resources. Our server monitoring tool allows you to quickly determine when resources will need to be increased in the medium and long term. Detailed graphs displayed on the dashboard can help you convince managers who don’t have the right technical knowledge to increase resources. The tool also allows you to create detailed reports for planning and continuous optimization of processes.


PRTG is a comprehensive professional solution for monitoring the operation of servers

PRTG allows you to control all types of servers even in distributed networks. Here are a few types of servers for which PRTG offers sensors with predefined parameters, allowing you to start monitoring right away.

Monitoring mail servers is a particularly challenging task for companies. If the mail server fails, employees instantly begin to send complaints, which leads to an increase in the load on the support department. PRTG keeps your mail servers under constant surveillance and notifies you of all problems in a timely manner. IMAP, POP3, SMTP and more – we supply over ten types of sensors for monitoring mail servers.

The quality of a website is an important factor for many companies, especially if the sale of products and services is done over the Internet. Every second of downtime is expensive. That is why PRTG also offers a wide range of sensors for monitoring web servers.

Almost all corporate information is stored in databases. Database performance is the foundation of efficient operation by all departments. PRTG has a variety of ready-to-use sensors, including for monitoring MySQL, Microsoft SQL and Oracle SQL. Http content selection and database queries are supported.

The organization can’t access the data, it can’t work. Therefore, one of the tasks of the administrator is to ensure the smooth operation of the file server and, as with other types of servers, to prevent failures. Often, administrators are looking for a special tool to monitor the operation of FTP servers. PRTG also meets this need by providing about 20 types of sensors just for monitoring file servers.

PRTG provides a set of sensors with predefined parameters, allowing you to almost instantly evaluate the performance of your entire fleet of servers. You can add your own sensors and configure the PRTG system to work with any configuration using the API.