REST API Monitoring

REST API Monitoring

Track up to 50 metrics from a single sensor 

  • PRTG controls the availability of RESTful API
  • PRTG displays values from XML and JSON files
  • PRTG displays up to 50 indicators from a single sensor
  • Support for HTTP requests: GET or POST
  • An Important Component for IoT Monitoring


REST API Monitoring: Just one sensor to get started


  • Monitors REST API availability
  • Automatically recognizes the content of XML and JSON files
  • One sensor displays more than 50 indicators
  • Automatically creates the necessary channels for data collection
  • Ability to customize REST configuration templates
  • Ability to map JSON and XML files



REST API Monitoring: Why PRTG is the Right Choice


A single PRTG control panel displays the results of REST API monitoring, analysis of XML parameters and JSON files. You get quick access to all information on any device: desktop computer, smartphone, tablet.

Many manufacturers use the RESTful API to customize their hardware. In this case, the API serves as a replacement for SNMP. Basically, APIs are used in web applications to get data from other systems. If you’re a system administrator, you’ll need a network monitoring tool that supports a variety of technologies. Many manufacturers in the IoT segment use rest APIs to make monitoring data (i.e., machine data) available.

PRTG has a built-in alert system that will alert you to system downtime or failure. You can customize the alert to meet your requirements. The alert function is free. In the event of an error or system failure, you will receive a notification.

PRTG is a suitable solution for monitoring the entire network. PRTG is a single software solution that monitors the parameters of the entire infrastructure: hardware, software, traffic and applications. You no longer have to use many separate monitoring solutions that simultaneously load the network and cause errors.

Start with the free version of PRTG. Free access includes a license for 100 sensors with full functionality. The free version has no expiration date. If you need more sensors, choose the right license for you. Our prices and licenses.