Comprehensive website monitoring with PRTG

Comprehensive website monitoring with PRTG
  • PRTG tracks availability
  • PRTG tracks load time
  • PRTG tracks processes
  • Built-in alarm function
  • Reporting system for long-term analysis




Monitor the following three settings
websites using PRTG





Monitor your website availability around the clock 365 days a year with PRTG. To do this, use the HTTP sensor and the extended HTTP sensor. International companies can monitor availability from anywhere in the world or through continents. These companies will benefit from our cloud-based HTTP sensor and cloud echo sensor. How long does it take for your website to load? How does the download speed change over a long period of time? Monitor these settings with our entire HTTP web page download sensor. This sensor will also allow you to identify individual elements that cause the page to load slowly, which ensures system optimization. How smooth are all the processes of the website? What about an online store? Everything from the homepage and shopping cart to the confirmation page should work well. When working with website processes, use the HTTP transaction sensor, which allows you to track a whole set of URLs. Thus, PRTG can also be used as a tool for monitoring URLs.



Website Monitoring: Benefits of PRTG


The causes of errors that occur on a website can be found in the most unexpected places. PRTG covers all secret corners: databases, servers, CDNs, applications, equipment. It will take you much less time to get to the roots of the problem and fix the errors.

There are no hidden fees when using PRTG. Alarm function, reports, applications – all included. If you want to build a simple monitoring system for your website, then our free version, which includes 100 sensors, is quite enough for this.

The PRTG comes with a customizable alarm system. Receive alerts via email, push notifications, or SMS. Set up alerts to receive alarms only when you can’t do without it. You can safely spend the free time on other things.

Customizable reports allow you to automatically document your website’s availability and load time, even over long periods of time. You can now show reports to your management if you need to invest in IT infrastructure to improve availability and optimize website load times.