SNMP Monitoring – All in One for Professionals

SNMP Monitoring – All in One for Professionals

  • Find out which apps and servers are using your bandwidth
  • Avoid performance issues
  • Stay ahead of the curve, provide your users with better service
  • Reduce costs by buying only the equipment and bandwidth you really need



Benefits of Monitoring
over SNMP using PRTG


SNMP Sensors
PRTG comes with several ready-to-use SNMP sensors. Among them there are several sensors designed specifically for equipment from manufacturers such as Cisco, HP, Dell and Synology. In addition, with the SNMP Custom Sensor, you can monitor many other devices from different manufacturers via SNMP.

Here’s a selection of our top sensors. Servers, routers or switches: Using PRTG, you get professional-grade network monitoring software over SNMP and can monitor all aspects of network performance.

Built-in alerts
Our SNMP monitoring software has a built-in alerting function. You can set any threshold values and convenient ways of notification (by e-mail, SMS or using free push notifications to your smartphone). PRTG has a notification system that can be customized to suit your needs.

Automatic detection
PRTG’s automatic detection feature makes searching easier. When using this feature, all devices on the network that are enabled to perform SNMP monitoring are checked, after which suitable sensors are automatically created for them. Thanks to this, you can start monitoring in a matter of seconds! And after that, you can start fine-tuning it.

Reports are also included in free SNMP monitoring software. Among other things, the reports provide clear and comprehensive schedules. When your equipment is running under a significant load and you need to convince management of the need to allocate funds for modernization, these reports can be very useful to you.

Different devices can use different versions of SNMP (SNMP V1, V2c, or V3). In case of problems when configuring SNMP tools for Windows, Paessler Support will be happy to offer you expert advice and assistance. Usually our support team responds to inquiries within 24 hours. SNMP tools, such as SNMP Tester, can detect and resolve problems. Simply submit your log files for analysis to our support team.


Using PRTG as an SNMP Trap Receiver

All in one, no additional costs – this is our philosophy. PRTG includes a full range of functions. There are no hidden costs, and you won’t have to pay for additional extensions. This is also true if you want to use snMP trap monitoring. PRTG is very easy to use as a trap receiver! After all, to help you, we have created the right sensor for this, which is also included in the free version (for 100 sensors).

SNMP traps: When monitoring over SNMP, monitoring software usually sends small data packets to target devices to request various information from them. In response, monitored devices send their packets to SNMP. The advantage of SNMP traps is that in the event of critical incidents, devices automatically send messages to snMP monitoring software without first receiving a request for such information.