Firewall Monitoring

Firewall Monitoring

Network Security with PRTG Firewall Monitoring


  • PRTG monitors inbound/outbound network traffic
  • Gets regular information about the status of the firewall
  • Gets notifications when network security is compromised


Monitor firewalls and network security with PRTG

The security of running processes, and the safety of confidential data depend on the stable operation of the firewall. Firewall monitoring is essential for corporate security. Disruption of services can paralyze a company, while data theft can lead to unintended consequences. It is important to keep firewalls running smoothly.

PRTG’s firewall monitoring solution is a series of ready-made, easy-to-install and easy-to-use sensors to help monitor the status of firewalls. You’ll get an overview of inbound and outbound network traffic. In the event of a failure, PRTG will immediately notify you via message or email, and you will be able to quickly take action and eliminate the cause of the failure.

Additionally, PRTG constantly monitors firewall updates – using outdated firewall software poses a security risk.


Benefits of PRTG Firewall Monitoring


If you use information technology in your work, then you are at risk of attack on your IT infrastructure. Monitoring ensures the functioning of the firewall, which ultimately affects the ability to repel attacks on the system. Monitoring helps control data protection. Your customers and business partners will trust you with their data. You don’t need to spend hours in front of your monitor screens: If your firewall is disrupted or your network security is compromised, you’ll be alerted immediately.