LAN Monitoring

LAN Monitoring

PRTG comprehensive LAN monitoring software


  • PRTG monitors the operation of the entire local area (LAN) and global network
  • PRTG monitors the operation of all devices and LAN-connected servers
  • PRTG monitors throughput, availability, traffic and more


PRTG monitors the LAN using SNMP, NetFlow, and packet analysis.

The most commonly used protocol is SNMP. It’s easy to set up and requires minimal bandwidth and CPU resources to work. Individual data packets can be processed using packet analysis, and NetFlow technology is used to monitor Cisco devices.

PrTG can also start using out-of-the-box sensors for other Flow technologies, such as IPFIX, sFlow, and jFlow, right away.


You don’t just control the LAN: with PRTG you can monitor distributed and wide area networks


Distributed Networks: Monitor your sites from one central IT department. Individual LANs can be monitored using our remote probes (provided only when purchasing a PRTG license). Remote probes collect monitoring data. The base server evaluates this LAN monitoring data and immediately sounds an alarm if there are problems.

Remote probes can be installed on the same network as the underlying server, or on other networks, as long as they have a persistent Internet connection.