Wifi Monitoring

Wifi Monitoring

PRTG: professional WIFI monitoring software


  • PRTG monitors all aspects of your wireless networks.
  • Devices, downloads, traffic, availability, signal strength.
  • PRTG comes in a complete set. No additional costs.


WiFi Monitoring allows you to monitor the status of your wireless network. Especially in large networks, monitoring wireless networks helps keep all wireless devices in sight. WiFi monitoring software allows you to monitor the status of devices, downloads, traffic, speed and signal strength of each router.


Do your routers really always work? Or is the router, and with it the WiFi network, intermittently unavailable? With PRTG, you can track both uptime and downtime. To do this, simply use the SNMP and ping sensors from the PRTG sensor list.

WiFi outages often occur because the network load is too high. Among other things, the quality of the connection suffers. With prTG’s bandwidth sensors, you can identify when your wireless network is busiest.

How many data packets pass through the access point? How much bandwidth is used by certain data? With SNMP traffic sensors or SNMP user-defined sensors such as the configurable SNMP table sensor provided in PRTG, you can always get up-to-date traffic information on both wired and wireless networks.

Do colleagues often complain about WiFi connection at certain places of work or in some premises? This may mean that some routers have insufficient signal strength. Eventually, you’ll need to replace routers or purchase additional access points. A convenient way to check the signal strength of a wireless network using PRTG is to request it using the device’s configurable extended SNMP sensor.

The administrator’s job is to keep the security of the network under constant control. For example, some devices have a setting that displays the last time the device was connected and therefore the time it last connected to the wireless network. By using SNMP user-defined sensors, it is possible, among other things, to see that devices are present on the WiFi network at night, even in the absence of personnel. Conversely, you can see wireless access points that are barely used, so they can be moved or removed.


About SNMP for WiFi Monitoring with PRTG


With PRTG, you get a single, centralized monitoring tool to track WiFi, bandwidth, and network performance. A quick overview is displayed on the dashboard. Setting up PRTG is very simple. Getting started with PRTG or switching from another monitoring tool is trouble-free thanks to the Autodiscover feature and ready-made templates for numerous devices. PRTG is worth the money. 80% of our customers say they have been able to achieve savings in network management. And the cost of PRTG licenses pays off in an average of just a few weeks.


PRTG warns of potential WiFi outage


PRTG sensors can be configured to notify you in a timely manner when WiFi network disruptions occur or bandwidth limits are reached. This will allow you to react quickly and prevent failures.

You can customize notifications to suit your needs. For example, you decide whether to receive alerts if all goes well, or only if there is a problem. You can also set your own schedules and escalation levels.

It is up to the administrator to determine how to receive notifications. Email, SMS, syslog or ringtone – find the way that suits you best.

PRTG notification system is included in the program! No additional costs. Also, the notification system is available in a free version, which includes 100 sensors for small networks, including a wireless network or a home network with a complex structure.


Three Reasons to Choose PRTG as a Tool to Monitor Your WiFi Network





PRTG significantly improves the reliability of your IT infrastructure. With proactive, customizable alarms, you’ll be informed in a timely manner and able to prevent crashes. Even for a WiFi network, PRTG allows you to get instant overview information at any time. Set up your dashboard to continuously monitor your most important sensors. And when you’re on the road, contact PRTG using the mobile app. Are you currently using Nagios or another monitoring tool? Our automatic detection function and more than 200 ready-made sensors allow you to easily switch to our software. Sensors are created during automatic detection, so you can start monitoring your WiFi network in minutes.