Project management and centralized version control



The Perforce Software Version Management Hybrid Platform is a fast, scalable, secure, and reliable solution for version control and collaboration. Perforce offers fast and efficient workflows, optimization for large automations, site support for enterprise teams, and secure global adoption of innovation.

The Perforce system has a client-server organization and allows you to simultaneously manage several projects, creating a repository for each project.

Perforce is a cross-platform system. There are versions that can run Unix, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows operating systems.

To work with the version control system, you can use both a console and a specially designed graphical interface.

A serious advantage of Perforce is the ability to integrate with many software development tools and applications such as Autodesk 3D Studio Max, Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office, Eclipse, emacs and many others.

Another important advantage is the mapping system – a set of file masks tied only to this version. You can imagine the importance of the function on the example of a game development project:

The “Game” project consists not only of the source code of the engine, but also includes source art (models, textures …), shaders (source text, material parameters, bytecode compiled from all this), sound (both source and final), utilities and their source code. Perforce analogues store elements separately, which complicates both the process of the build itself and the search for sources from an already assembled game; different types of storage require different integration into tools and processes. Perforce allows you to version all the elements of the Project together. In case of errors in the Project, Perforce allows you to “roll back” to the last working revision without overwriting the work items of the Project, which significantly speeds up synchronization and optimizes the storage size.

Support for the ability to create branches of project versions, flexibly manage them, merge, roll back to previous revisions – makes Perforce a highly competitive system and contribute to its wide distribution.

Perforce Insights Analytics is a tool for presenting important information about the state of the project, code, and team performance. Insights displays a graphical representation of such information. Metrics are completely different, moreover, they are customized using the API.

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